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Fall Guys is getting a stage builder, and players get to name it

Fall Guys players are being given the ability to name the newly unveiled stage building tool. The free-to-play game is going to be a hit on PS5, Xbox and Switch

all Guys stage builder tool: We see a little worker bean making their way through a newley designed assault course. Can this little bean making it the end? Or will his fate lay in the pink clouds below

Fall Guys recently had a big announcement, with Mediatonic revealing that the game was coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles for the first time ever, as well as announcing that Fall Guys goes free-to-play on June 21. With all this hype, one announcement does seem to have gone largely unnoticed by fans.

Fall Guys is giving players the opportunity to create to their heart’s content in a brand new stage building tool. From the 30 second preview, we can see all sorts of crazy shenanigans going on, with giant spinning guillotines and our favourite beans being catapulted all over the map.

This new creator mode will allow the many creative individuals out there to come up with insane courses for other players to compete in. The possibilities are truly endless and could add a level of longevity that Fall Guys was lacking before. We sense some truly chaotic and evil courses being made, that even the greatest players will struggle to finish.

In another surprising turn of events, it also appears that Mediatonic is allowing players to name this new building tool. The developer asks in a tweet: “If you were the official Naming Things Manager, what would you call this mode?”. This is very exciting and a cool way to bring the Fall Guys community together as they make suggestions for this new setting – hopefully all of the suggestions will be family-friendly.

There appears to be a nice variety of assets players can use to build their courses, and they all seem to cost some form of currency – represented by the wrench under each item. We can see that objects can be resized, making them either ginormous or itty bitty – we are unsure if this will be for every object in the game though.

So that’s all for this exciting bit of Fall Guys news, check out that Fall Guys is getting an Assassin’s Creed crossover with new Ezio skin. That’s one clean looking bean.