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Fall Guys “looking for players” explained and how to fix

Want to know what the Fall Guys Looking For Players issue is and how you can potentially fix it? This article covers what it means and remedies

Fall Guys Looking For Players Explained: Multiple beans can be seen running up Fall Mountain!

As everyone is jumping into Fall Guys now it is free-to-play there are far more people playing than when you had to purchase the multiplayer game. But as you begin to play, you may be running into the Fall Guys “looking for players” issue which has existed in the game for quite a while now.

It has been a major problem and has put halts on people’s extended play sessions as it isn’t always clear what has caused the problem. But, how can you try to fix it and what is the underlying cause behind the endless “looking for players” screen which sees the number of people in the lobby trickle down slowly?

Well, this article will go over some of the potential causes behind the Fall Guys “looking for players” issue and what you can try to do to resolve the frustrating issue.

Fall Guys “looking for players” explained

The Fall Guys “Looking For Players issue seemingly arises when one of the following issues occurs:

  • There aren’t enough players in your region
  • The playlist you are trying to play is overloaded with players
  • Servers are overloaded with players 

All three of these issues haven’t been firmly confirmed as the underlying causes by Mediatonic. However, regular patterns of receiving these issues have led players and members of the community to believe one or all of these are the underlying cause.

There isn’t an official fix for this issue either. However, some things that could be worth trying include changing the playlist you are playing to see if another playlist suffers from the same issue. You can also try restarting the game. If that hasn’t worked, changing your server region from the options menu is also an option; however, this might increase lag during games.

If those do not work, the final option is to uninstall and reinstall the game to see if this fixes these issues. More often than not though, this issue is down to a problem with Fall Guys’ servers.

Therefore, there isn’t a lot you can do beyond waiting for it to fix itself or for Fall Guys to provide an update on their Twitter account.

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