Fall Guys tips: how to win the crown

Everything you need to know to become the king bean in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been 2020’s breakout hit, with the wacky indie game becoming an internet darling as everyone races to get in on the fun. However, there can only be one winner, and with these Fall Guys tips and tricks, that winner can be you.

Since releasing on August 4, the game has topped the Twitch charts ahead of Just Chatting, sold 2 million on Steam, had a Twitch Rivals event announced, and even managed to get Sergio Aguero to recreate his iconic title winning goal in the game.

There are 24 different events in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, though you’ll only have to play something like three to five in any given game. The games you’ll play are completely random, although not all will be the finale. Slime Climb, Hex-A-Gon, and Tail Tag are all games we’ve had in the finale, although these can be mid game rounds too, so just because you get drawn in them doesn’t mean you’ve reached the final yet.

Fall Mountain however can only be the finale, and has the cinematic crown grabbing victory, so we have some specific tips on that level below, along with a handful of more general ones that will help you become a Fall Guys master.


There aren’t a lot of buttons in Fall Guys; you run, you jump, you occasionally grab things. Because there’s so little variety in how you can approach the game then, you’ll need to take maximum advantage of these strategies. Jumping is crucial to a few of the other strategies here too, so if you want to be the best Fall Guy you can be, you’ll have to a take a bit of time understanding how far, high, and fast you can jump.

One level jumping is especially important on is Hex-A-Gon. On this level, once you step on a hexagon, it disappears, and the idea is to avoid falling into the pit below. If you end up with a level to yourself though, jumping from platform to platform takes significantly longer, meaning you keep more hexagons in play and can stay above your competitors for a while. Be warned though, if you try this tactic with other players around you, they’ll just race ahead and steal your platforms.

We’ll deal with the other jumping tips in more specific advice further down.


Diving is essentially a variation on jumping, trading in balance for distance. This technique is usually a better option than just jumping, as it’s a little bit faster and gets extra height. If there’s a crowd forming on levels like Door Dash or Gate Crash, a dive is a good way to get free. However, diving too early will just let them pile on top of you, dives are best used to get to the front, rather than when at the front.

You’ll usually stumble when diving, so stick with regular jumps when it comes to avoiding turning obstacles and the like. There are a fair few levels where the sections of the level have a gap in between; diving over these is usually the way to go. Back to Hex-A-Gon, diving is a great last ditch attempt to stay on a level by trying to jump a large gap, but don’t overuse it as you might not get up in time and end up falling anyway.

Diving is also great at the team games where you need to move a ball quickly, and headbutting the ball from a dive is much more powerful than just rolling it. However, it is less controlled.


You only need to finish first in the final level, so sometimes it’s best to bide your time. There are some levels where this doesn’t hold true; Slime Climb is a race against the rising slime, for example, but a fair few levels will benefit from patience.

For example, in Tip Toe, you need to figure out which tiles are solid and which will fall away. Being first here makes you the lab rat, where you will test whether the tile is real. If it’s not, you’ll fall and go back to the start, while the rest of the players can carry on safely. You’ll want to stay close to the front here – too patient and you’ll be left behind – but not so close that you end up getting shoved to the front. Door Dash is a similar experience, only with real and fake doors, so hang around the middle until the final couple of doors.

Being right at the front in any round is fairly reckless too, as it leaves you open to being trampled, so just understand that as long as you qualify, that’s all that counts.


A few of the games have little tricks that allow you to take out corners, sneak through curves, or generally avoid some of the games obstacles. Slime Climb has three, for example. Play through the games and look for exploits, watch to see if other people do, and slowly come to understand the best way to go.

Do keep in mind though that some of these shortcuts are very well known, and sometimes the longer way around is less crowded and can actually be quicker to navigate with everyone else out of the way.


A few of the obstacles the game throws at you can actually be used to your advantage. For example, the propellers on The Whirlygig can be used to send you flying forwards if you stand in a place which allows them to sweep you towards the finish line.

In games like Tail Tag, where you need to avoid getting your tail stolen, you can also hide under the spinning hammers, making it much more difficult for other players to reach you. Sometimes deliberately bailing near the blue checkpoints can help you respawn a lot further forwards too.


Team games in general aren’t that great in Fall Guys, but that’s mostly because your team sucks. If you can be more of a team player than them though, they do get a lot easier.

This means on games like Egg Scramble or Fall Ball, when everyone is running around on the offensive following the objectives, you need to play defence. It’s not glamorous, but if you guard your stash of eggs or play goalkeeper, it puts your team in a much better position.


Fall Mountain is the most common finale level in the game, and it’s also the only level which never appears unless it’s the finale. The way to win in this one works slightly differently, so we’ve detailed the best strategies here. These tips should give you a leg up in the race for the crown.

  • Start near the front – yes, this advice isn’t very helpful, but you do get a considerable advantage getting to the front quickly. Patience will cost you dearly here
  • Watch the balls – most of the obstacles in this level are fairly easy, but are made much harder by the falling balls, so you’ll need to constantly be aware of them
  • Avoid the hammers – so many people think once they reach the spinning hammers, they’re already at the crown, but they can be harder than you think and the gaps are very narrow
  • Watch the crown – it rises and falls in the air, so you’ll want to jump for it when it’s within reach
  • Grab the crown – please, actually grab it. Too many people have lost because they didn’t grab the crown, they just jumped into it

And that’s everything you need to know to conquer Fall Guys once and for all. Now go out there and be the best bean you can be.

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