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Fall Guys tips - how to win shows solo and with a team

Everything you need to know to become the king bean in Fall Guys with our collection of Fall Guys tips. These can help you win across all the maps available

Fall Guys Tips: A player can be seen trying to survive on a match

Fall Guys has been a breakout hit since its 2020 launch, with the wacky indie game becoming an internet darling as everyone races to get in on the fun. However, with the free-to-play launch, these Fall Guys tips and tricks should help you succeed as new challenges and maps are added to the game.

Since releasing the game has added a bunch of different maps and new strategies have been formed that allow you to win matches in new ways and succeed as a team thanks to group modes. But, there are still some key strategies that you can adopt to succeed and stand a better chance of bagging wins for your record.

Below, you can find some key Fall Guys tips that should help you out if you are jumping into the new season on consoles or PC for the first time and if you are a returning player.


So, if you’re curious about what’s changed and how to win, here are some key Fall Guys tips:

Fall Guys Tips: Multiple players can be seen rolling through doors


The first key tip for any Fall Guys player jumping in or wanting to learn how to get better is to commit to a path and not backtrack unless you have to.

If a door has just raised, stay where you are and wait for it to lower. If a rotating platform has just gone by, stay and wait for the next one. Oftentimes deciding to go a different way after you run into a roadblock will take up more time than if you just stick and wait for that door to lower or a new path to open up next to you.

And, if you do stay and wait, you will be able to properly prepare yourself for the rest of the level. Whereas, if you are running back to another path to try and make the next opening, you will be in a rush and might end up falling off the map or failing to make the jump you could have just prepared for.

Fall Guys Tips: Multiple players can be seen running up Fall Guy Mountain


One of the major tripwires when it comes to Fall Guys is focusing on everything else that is happening around you while you are playing. There are upwards of 40 people playing at once so it is very easy to get distracted or lose focus on your path ahead.

However, whilst, it will take some training and practice, focusing almost exclusively on what you are doing, and what you are doing only can be one of the key ways to win. Effectively, you need to train your brain to get tunnel vision while playing Fall Guys. And, that will not happen for each type of level immediately.

Fall Guys Tips: Players can be seen running and toppling onto a platform


This tip mostly applies to the survival levels. But, if you are able to keep an eye on environmental hazards as well as the level and the other beans around you, it can be key to ensuring you don’t make an early exit.

Whether it be fruit being fired at you or swinging spiked hazards, keeping an eye on the environment around you that can knock you off can be key. When used in combination with the above tip, as you ignore other players and their fumbles, it can really hone the tunnel-vision winning in Fall Guys requires.

Fall Guys Tips: Players can be seen walking down a path.


Some of the levels in Fall Guys present you with hazardous paths or a grid of squares that aren’t all solid platforms. Stepping on one of these false paths will have you fall to your death and start all the way back at the beginning.

So, one of the trickier tips to pull off is to allow the opponents you are competing against to fail in front of you as you watch. Most players will try to use this tactic, but eventually, someone at the front of the bundle of beans will be pushed down a pathway, step on a square, or try to jump through a fake door.

But, if you stay towards the middle of the pack, you will be able to take advantage of any openings, either changing your direction or taking the one open path that is available after a person takes the fake one. You won’t have to readjust, you won’t have to run all the way up from the beginning of the level, and you should make it to the end!

And that’s everything you need to know to conquer Fall Guys once and for all. With those Fall Guys tips, now you can go out and succeed as the top bean!