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Fall Guys has hit its highest peak player count on Steam since 2020

The Free For All update might introduce sweeping changes to the game, but it's brought back thousands of beans on a forbidden platform, Steam

Fall Guys Steam player count peak: An explorer bean looks on

Fall Guys might have been unceremoniously delisted from Steam yesterday for the game’s Free For All update, but it’s not stopped legacy players in their thousands from returning to the Blunderdome for what is arguably the battle royale‘s most exciting season yet.

According to Steam Charts, 59,329 experienced beans took to the stage in a bid to win Show-Bucks, Fall Guys’ new, but controversial currency. This is higher than any of the peak player counts from the last two years by some margin, only surpassed by the 83,964 peak player count of October 2020 – two months on from the game’s launch.

This is quite the feat too, considering that Fall Guys is no longer a Steam game technically. Since the update, new players have to download the game from the Epic Games Store, meaning those 59,000 players have all returned to see what the fuss is about after buying the game in the months and years before. When you factor in the players from other platforms, it’s clear Mediatonic’s first free-to-play season has got off to a good start.

These numbers also correlate with the game’s performance on Twitch, too. A quick look at Twitch Tracker shows that Fall Guys had its highest average viewership yesterday since October 8, 2020 with 62,704 average viewers. The average number of new channels streaming Fall Guys also shot up yesterday to 1,837 – a number only equalled in the weeks following the game’s original launch.

This is hardly surprising given that the game has gone free-to-play, while simultaneously launching on Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms for the first time. Nintendo and Xbox don’t provide live numbers for games on their platforms – but we can expect this to follow a similar curve to two years ago.

And with plenty of new games and new Fall Guys skins to dip into, there should be life in the game yet.