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F1 23 age rating speeds it way to racers amid Australian GP 2023

As Formula 1 fans prepare for the Australian GP 2023, developer Codemasters could be preparing to unveil the F1 23 release date for PS5 and Xbox racers.

Max Verstappen in F1 22 on PlayStation 5

Whether you’re a die-hard Max Verstappen or Fernando Alonso fan, you’re undoubtedly looking forward to the F1 23 release date. Developer Codemasters is gearing up to unveil its latest racer and we might just have an inkling of what players can expect in the brand-new racing game. Alongside the Australian GP 2023, these new F1 23 details will tide you over.

According to the Australian Classification Board, F1 23 earns a PG classification on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. The classification details that “mild coarse language, in-game purchases, online interactivity and chat” attribute to the F1 23 age rating. Within its age rating system, the brand new Codemasters racer lands under the “mild impact” section, mostly in part to the inclusion of potential profanity words across the game’s dialogue.

Formula 1 fans can also glimpse a brief synopsis of the game’s content, which reads as follows: “Whether competing against real-world teams and drivers on official circuits, battling players in thrilling online action or split-screen or making your mark with the driver-manager feature, My Team, the F1 series is your all-access ticket to the pinnacle of motorsport.”

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Presently, Codemasters is keeping the juiciest details about F1 23 in the garage, but it is seemingly drawing closer. Gaming YouTube channel ‘GameRiot‘ notes on social media that “F1 23 [is] already on the Xbox Store.” With the Australian GP currently underway, Codemasters could drop something new about F1 23 imminently. Though this is just speculation.

Of course, like you, we’re ready to see what Codemasters is tuning up behind the scenes. As the age rating was passed on March 30, it is possible that developer Codemasters is ready to start detailing what the latest iteration includes regarding gameplay features. The last entry in the franchise, F1 22, was released in June last year. You can pull over into The Loadout’s official F1 22 review, which might just inspire you to check out whether F1 22 is on Xbox Game Pass.

If you’re trying out the F1 franchise for the first time or need to learn the ropes again, we’ve got you covered with our F1 22 beginner’s guide. You’ll also want to check out the F1 22 game icons, which will prove immensely useful in your MyTeam endeavours.