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Evil Dead game how to win as a Demon

Playing Evil Dead The Game and looking to take on an the role of the enemy? Here is how to win matches as a Demon in Evil Dead The Game

Evil Dead The Game How To Win As A Demon: Herietta can be seen in a screenshot from the game

In Evil Dead The Game, you can take on the role of the Kandarian Demon and work towards stopping the Survivors in their tracks. There are two ways you can win as a Demon in the Evil Dead game.

There are nine different Demons you can play as in the game and winning as a Demon can get tricky as you are against four other players. So, you will need to use the main abilities of each of the classes to the best of your ability in order to succeed. It will also pay off to learn a class and hone your skills with them, whether it is a Necromancer, Puppeteer, or Warlord.

Below, we go over how to win as a Demon in the Evil Dead game, which touches on the main ways you can end a game victorious and some key resources you need to rely on when playing as a Kandarian Demon.

Evil Dead game How To Win As A Demon

In order to win as a Demon in the Evil Dead game you need to work towards achieving one of these goals:

  • Killing all the Survivors
  • Destroying the Necronomicon

Destroying the Necronomicon can only be done at the end of a match when the Survivors are trying to seal a portal. You can summon skeletons, minions, and more to destroy it, or play as one of the demons yourself to hit and attack it.

As for killing all the Survivors, this can be done by collecting Infernal Energy orbs which are red orbs around the map. These can be used to spend points on planting traps, possessing enemies, performing attacks, summoning one of the playable Demons, and more.

You will need to strategise, place traps and choose when to attack or summon enemies to ensure you can take out all the members of a team. This can help you win and using all your powers and abilities with no planning will ultimately lead to you losing a match.

That covers how to win as a Demon in Evil Dead The Game. If you want a rundown of the different Demons in the Evil Dead game, check out our other guides which can be found with our collection of Evil Dead game tips.