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Evil Dead game DLC - Season Pass 1, Castle Kandar map, and more

Evil Dead The Game is packed with content - but, if you want more, here’s everything we know about Evil Dead game DLC plans, Season Pass 1 content, and more

Evil Dead The Game DLC: An image of Henry the Red in Evil Dead The Game menus

Evil Dead The Game is packed with content from both Sam Raimi’s film trilogy and the Starz series Ash vs Evil Dead – so much content, in fact, that there’s four iterations of Ash Williams in-game! If you’re looking for more Evil Dead The Game Survivors and new locations to battle it out against Deadites and Demons – or as Deadites and Demons – though, you’re in the right place. Saber Interactive has confirmed that there is Evil Dead game DLC coming post-launch and we have everything you need to know below.

At launch, players can jump into Evil Dead The Game as one of 13 Survivors, or one of three Kandarian Demons, on one of two maps. The maps are quite large and in-game objectives will have you exploring different areas of these maps in each game, but it’s still only two maps. With the news that Season Pass 1 is introducing four Evil Dead game DLC packs post-launch, it’s safe to say that we’re excited for more when it comes to maps – and content in general.

If you’re excited too, keep reading and we’ll go through everything we know about all the additional content coming to this fantastic game in future updates and beyond – the Evil Dead universe might not have a limitless array of characters to choose from, but there are still some faces we want to see.

Evil Dead game DLC – what we know

At the moment, we know that there are at least four post-launch Evil Dead game DLC packs coming to Evil Dead The Game with the Season Pass 1 bundle. In addition to this, Saber Interactive revealed that a Castle Kandar DLC map will be released as free post-launch content for all owners of Evil Dead The Game.

You can check out their announcement – and a first look at the map – below:

We still don’t have a release date for this DLC yet, or any of the Season Pass 1 DLC packs, but we will update this guide accordingly.

Evil Dead game DLC – speculation

When it comes to adding content to Evil Dead The Game, there are quite a few ways Saber Interactive could go about it. Of course, a handful of new maps wouldn’t go amiss – and we’re expecting to get a couple more – but a lot of the franchise’s iconic locations have already been represented within the two available maps.

With that in mind, we’re inclined to suggest that players can look forward to the addition of a few more characters in future updates. These could be automatically unlocked, but we think they’ll be made available through the Evil Dead The Game Missions list.

As for which characters we’ll see, only time will tell. However, Theresa Tilly’s Shelly from Evil Dead , Dan Hicks’ Jake from Evil Dead 2, or even Kassie Wesley DePaiva’s Bobby Joe are all excellent choices – and that’s just from the first two movies! Army of Darkness’ Sheila seems like a no-brainer too, when it comes to additional characters.

But, for now, that’s all we know about the upcoming Evil Dead game DLC and any post-launch content coming to Saber Interactive’s asymmetrical action-horror game. If you’re looking forward to playing as a Kandarian Demon, we know we haven’t really mentioned those yet, you can find everything you need to know about Evil Dead The Game Demons right here.