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Evil Dead game Survivors - all the multiplayer game’s characters

Are you looking for Evil Dead The Game Survivors? The Loadout has compiled all of the playable co-op characters for the looter shooter horror game from Saber

Evil Dead The Game Survivors: Pablo and Ash can be seen back to back.

Evil Dead The Game is a cooperative/competitive multiplayer survival game based on the beloved horror franchise that spawned the famous this is my boomstick! phrase. There have been numerous films made since 1981’s The Evil Dead and each one is full of interesting characters that help out franchise protagonist fight the armies of hell.

In the game world, Ash and his cohort of good guys – known as Survivors in the game – are drawn from all of the movie entries. So, if you want to find out all of the Evil Dead game Survivors, then you’ve come to just the right place.

Below, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the game’s Survivors. Each entry has background information on the character, as well as all of their abilities. We’ll keep it updated, so know you’ll be using all the latest correct information to plan your forays with friends.

Evil Dead game Survivors

There are 13 different Survivors in Evil Dead The Game at launch. Most are unlocked from the start, however, a few will need to be unlocked by completing the missions in the game.

All of the Survivors are split into one of four different classes as well, each having their own specalisms.

Evil Dead The Game Survivors: Ash can be seen in front of a small shack.

EVIL DEAD GAME Leader Survivors

Leaders are the the core of your team. They give off auras that provide different buffs to teammates who are near them, such as the ability to reduce incoming damage, boost outgoing damage, reduce fear build-up, and more. This role is for team players who want to stick with their teammates and complete objectives together.

Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead)

This iteration of Ash Williams is from the latest entry in the franchise. He wields a chainsaw and is donned in a denim shirt – who can resist that? Ash vs Evil Dead is set 30 years after the original trilogy, so we’re getting elder Ash.

  • Active skill that generates an explosion, damaging enemies’ balance bars
  • El Jefe – an aura that affects all survivors within range, increasing their fear resistance and the damage they inflict
  • Old Friend – start the match with the chainsaw
  • El Jefe Grande – enhances your aura’s effects when you perform a finisher or dismember an enemy

Annie Knowby

Annie Knowby makes her appearance as a Leader in Evil Dead The Game. Knowby first appeared in Evil Dead II but returns here acting as a great central character to build a team around.

  • When activated this skill increases ranged damage from Annie and any teammates who are near her.
  • Howitzer – You and all teammates within this aura’s effect radius deal more damage with ranged weapons.
  • Haymaker (level 10) – Attacks by you and your teammates within this aura’s effect radius cause more damage tot he balance bar of base evil units.
  • Slugger (level 25) – Attacks by you and your teammates within this aura’s effect radius cause more damage to the balance bar of elite and boss evil units.

Lord Arthur

First appearing in Army of Darkness, Lord Arthur is the king of Castle Kandar in the medieval setting that Ash gets whisked off to at the end of Evil Dead 2. His enemy is Henry the Red until they unite against the Army of Darkness.

  • When activated, this ability increases the damage inflected by your melee attacks and those of your nearby teammates, in addition to reducing fear levels; if Lord Arthur has a sword, he inflicts extra damage
  • Weapon Master Heavy Attacks – you and all teammates within the aura’s radius deal increased damage with heavy melee attacks; start the match with a sword
  • Weapon Master Light Attacks –  you and all teammates within the aura’s radius deal increased damage with light melee attacks
  • Finish With Fire – When you perform a finisher, you and your nearby teammates are temporarily granted The Lords Wrath ability

Evil Dead The Game Survivors: Lord Arthur and Henry The Red can be seen

EVIL DEAD GAME Warrior survivors

As frontline melee characters, Warriors have perks and abilities dedicated to hand-to-hand combat that make them formidable when hacking and slashing their way through Deadites. These range from shields to full on invulnerability. This role is for those that want to let loose and take on the hordes up close and personal.

Ash Williams (Army of Darkness)

Ash Williams in his third outing guise from Army of Darkness. This is the version of Ash that spawned the infamous this is my boom stick! quote. His clothing is fittingly ripped and torn, as this time he’s decked out as a Warrior.

  • When activated, this ability will grant you health restoration, fear reduction, increased damage dealing or reduction of damage received
  • Shield Blast  – each time your shield loses a bar, it triggers an explosion, damaging any nearby enemies
  • Finish Strong (level 10) – After Ash kills an enemy with a finisher he recovers part of his shield bar
  • Weapon Master Chainsaw (level 25)- the Chainsaw has a faster attack speed and deals increased health, balance bar and dismemberment damage


A friend of Ash and the boyfriend of The Evil Dead’s Shelly, Scotty was the one who organised the fateful trip to the cabin and kickstarted the whole franchise. Yikes.

  • When activated, this explosive special move damages all enemies in the surrounding area
  • Collateral Damage – your heavy melee attacks inflict additional damage to nearby enemies
  • Exposure Therapy (level 10)- partially reduces your fear levels with every enemy you kill
  • Weapon Master Lumberjack Axe (level 25) – the Lumberjack Axe has a faster attack speed and deals increased health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage

Henry the Red

Henry the Red is Lord Arthur’s nemesis in Army of Darkness, until they decide to cooperate with each other and kill Deadites that is. The Duke of Shale and Lord of The Northlands and its populace, Henry might appear similar to Arthur, but he’s less of a leader and more of a brutal warrior.

  • Activating this ability temporarily prevents damage to health or shield
  • Shields Up – start the match with an additional shield bar
  • Rebound (level 10) – reflects a percentage of the damage you receive back onto your attacker
  • Battle Hardened (level 25) – increases maximum health and shield bar length

Evil Dead The Game Survivors: Cheryl and Pablo can be seen back to back.

Evil Dead game Hunter survivors

The opposite of Warrior, Hunters are glass-cannons that specialise in using ranged weapons to keep Deadites at bay. Hunters can hold more ammo than other roles and have looting abilities that reduce the need to scavenge for scarce ammo and find better items. This role is for those that want to target and pick off key enemies from a distance.

Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2)

Prior to the kick-ass boomstick Ash from Army of Darkness, there was Evil Dead Ash. They’re similar, but this is Ash with a longer shotgun and less torn to shreds before he gets sucked into medieval land in the third film.

  • Activating this ability exorcises the demon from any possessed Survivor or basic unit. If used on a possessed elite or boss unit, the ability drains some Infernal Energy from the demon.
  • Treasure Hunter – see supply crates through walls at close range
  • This Is My Boomstick (level 10) – start the match with the Double-Barrel
  • Weapon Master Double-Barrel (level 25) – the Double-Barrel has a faster attack speed and deals increased health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage

Ed Getley

Ed Getley is from Evil Dead 2 and happens to be the research assistant of the man who found the Necronomicon Ex Mortis – Raymond Knowby. Ed and friends meet Ash in the cabin after his escapades in the first film, The Evil Dead.

  • When activated, this ability grants the use of a unique flashlight that allows you to detect and temporarily disarm demon traps
  • Enduring Light – increases the battery life of your flashlight
  • Weapon Master Crossbow (level 10) – the Crossbow has a faster attack speed and deals increased health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage
  • The Collector (level 25) – increases the chance that defeated enemies will drop items; also improves the chance of finding crates of higher rarity

Kelly Maxwell

Kelly is one of the franchise’s latest cast members, first appearing in the pilot episode of Ash vs Evil Dead. Her parents were killed by Deadites and now she’s out for revenge, which explains why she’s in the Hunter category. Now, she’s back accompanying Ash on his Deadite-killing mission in-game.

  • When activated, you dodge without using stamina and your ranged attacks cause bleeding damage to your target for a short period
  • Weapon Master Meat Hammer – the Meat Hammer has a faster attack speed and deals increased health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage
  • Countershot (level 10) – your next ranged attack after a successful dodge inflicts bleeding damage on your target for a short time
  • Battle Frenzy (level 25) – your melee damage increases the longer you are in sustained combat

Amanda Fisher

A police detective hell-bent on hunting down Ash for a crime he didn’t commit, Amanda Fisher first appeared in Ash vs Evil Dead. She quickly sides with Ash when she finds out the truth, and now her detective skills are being used in Evil Dead The Game to take on Deadites as a Hunter.

  • When activated, this ability allows you to temporarily fire your ranged weapons without expending any ammunition
  • Accuracy Counts – damage dealt by your ranged weapons increases with each consecutive hit
  • Trusty Sidearm – start the match with a pistol
  • Weapon Master Pistol – the Pistol has increased damage and attack speed, as well as increased balance bar and dismemberment range

Evil Dead The Game Survivors: Cheryl Williams can be seen

Evil Dead Game Support survivors

Support specialises in healing the team, giving them shields, and reducing fear. Support characters also begin the game with extra consumables. While it sounds like much of the Support role is dedicated to helping teammates, you’ll also have the same attack capabilities as the other roles too. This role is for those who want to keep their team alive while slaying Deadites.

Ash Williams (The Evil Dead)

The youngest and most fresh-faced of Ash Williams variants, Support Ash is based on his original The Evil Dead appearance. This youthful Ash, ignorant of what’s to come, sports clear clothes and determined demeanour, and he’s dedicated to helping out the team.

  • When activated, this ability reduces fear levels for you and nearby teammates
  • Alternative Healing – successful heavy melee attacks partially restore health for you and nearby teammates
  • Marked Target: Damage (level 10) – Headshots will mark the target; a follow-up shot from a teammate will deal additional damage
  • Marked Target: Healing (level 25) – Headshots will mark the target; a follow-up shot from a teammate will restore a percentage of the damage back to them as health

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl first appeared in the original The Evil Dead movie. She’s the younger sister of Ash and was the first person in the cabin to turn into a Deadite. Other than that, not a lot is known about Cheryl as she wasn’t around for long…

  • Activate this ability to create a healing zone for you and your teammates
  • Cola Coaster – carry more Shemp’s Cola and start the match with an extra one in your inventory
  • Contact Courage (level 10) – drinking a Shemp’s Cola partially reduces your fear and the fear of nearby teammates
  • Contact Healing (level 25) – when you drink a Shemp’s Cola, nearby teammates will also gain health

Pablo Simon Bolivar

Working alongside Kelly at ValueStop in Ash vs Evil Dead, Pablo idolised Ash before he even knew about his Deadite fighting prowess. He’s even the one who made Ash’s prosthetic hand.

  • Activate this skill to begin creating an amulet and then drop it to the ground on completion
  • Infernal Camouflage – demons are no longer able to detect you using Demon Vision
  • Shamanic Protection – your shield bar will gradually recover over time until you have at least one full bar
  • Legacy of El Brujo – begin the match with an amulet

That’s all for our Evil Dead The Game survivors  guide, but you can check out similar guides for more information, like whether Evil Dead The Game crossplay means you can play with friends on other platforms or not.