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Evil Dead The Game has a shocking lack of accessibility options

Evil Dead The Game is missing a number of accessibility options and settings, including colourblind options, controller senstivity, and more

Evil Dead The Game Accessibility Options and Settings: Ash can be seen looking towards the camera

Evil Dead The Game has been released today and as players are getting stuck in, some issues at launch are starting to emerge. One big problem is that there appears to be some glaring omissions from the game when it comes to the settings and options available.

The most obvious setting that is missing is the ability to control your controller sensitivity. This is a puzzling hole in the game’s features and customizability as it is practically standard to include controller sensitivity options in modern games, especially in games where you have to shoot weapons (like Evil Dead). However, inverted options are there for those that prefer it.

Adding to the gaping hole in the game’s settings is the inability to rebind controls, control subtitles size, and implement colourblind options for the UI. The inability to control the text size is another major problem as a lot of the text in the game is incredibly small, especially in the Survivor and Demon menus. In fact, the game is really missing any kind of accessibility options and based on what is available in the game’s settings menu right now the game seems almost completely inaccessible for anyone who is disabled.

Any advanced accessibility options for those who are deaf, blind, or have restricted manoeuvrability in their hands and arms are also not present. The missing basic settings we have come to expect from games being absent is equally disappointing, with controller sensitivity being the most egregious omission as we have found it to be very slow at its base level.

Of course, future updates to the multiplayer game could implement additional settings and options. But, there hasn’t been any word from Saber Interactive on this yet and at launch, the offering of options is far from acceptable in 2022.

So, if accessibility options are something your experience hinges upon, or if you even like a faster sensitivity and bigger text and subtitles, you might want to hold off putting your money down.