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Battlestate confirms Escape From Tarkov Lightkeeper cheese is a bug

The Escape From Tarkov Lightkeeper cheese allowed players to bypass the Lighthouse mines, but developer Battlestate Games has since patched the exploit

Escape From Tarkov Lightkeeper cheese bug: a heavily-armoured player carrying a rifle

Escape From Tarkov players have dedicated a good chunk of time trying to break into the Lighthouse to meet the Lightkeeper. Recently, the feat was achieved thanks to a certain Escape From Tarkov Lightkeeper cheese. Now, developer Battlestate Games has reportedly reached out to one content creator confirming the method to reach the Lightkeeper, thought to be legitimate, is actually a bug that has since been patched.

As explained by content creator ‘NoiceGuy Tarkov’, equipping the Digital secure DSP radio transmitter – acquired from failing the Bullshit task – and having it in-hand while approaching the bridge to the Lighthouse initially allowed you to bypass the mines on the latest addition to the Escape From Tarkov maps without much fanfare.

However, Battlestate Games has since been in touch to say that this is not an intended interaction, and that it is indeed a bug. Additionally, according to NoiceGuy on Twitter, the cheese has now been removed from the game: “if you have the transmitter you can not cross anymore”, he says. “The mines will blow up.”

You can check out NoiceGuy’s original video on the Lightkeeper cheese below.

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Though Battlestate has been quick to remove the exploit, the jury’s still out on what exactly caused it in the first place – be it the transmitter itself, or the Bullshit task accidentally triggering some sort of quest flag.