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EFT hacked, but Escape From Tarkov devs assure data is secure

Battlestate Games' extraction shooter Escape From Tarkov has been hacked, but the FPS' developer has been quick to make players aware that their data is safe.

Escape From Tarkov hacked player data secure: an image of FPS players aiming assault rifles in-game

If you’re a regular Escape From Tarkov player, you might be aware that EFT has been hacked – or, if you’re planning on playing this extraction shooter at some point, now you know. However, it’s not all that it seems and Battlestate Games has been quick to hop online and explain the situation – a little bit – and how it affects the fans.

Flagged online by Escape From Tarkov content creator ‘LogicalSolutions‘, the EFT hack was as public as they come – if you didn’t spot it. On the EFT Launcher, a message flagged as ‘Important’ in red with an exclamation point read “Hack by [Zelenka Guru Keeferga] and [Zelenka Guru member 3878653]”.

From what we can tell, Zelenka Guru is a Russian forum that’s also home to a number of exploits, hacks, and an account marketplace. We don’t know the ins and outs of how it works, but it seems as though members of this site are the ones that orchestrated the EFT hack.

If you’re worried about your data as an Escape From Tarkov player, you certainly have a right to be. TrustPilot‘s reviews are few, but they tell two sides of the story when it comes to this site – some are positive, and some are very negative. In addition for this, Scam Advisor and Scam Detector both flag this site as something you should avoid. So, to see that it’s hacked EFT is quite concerning, no?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Escape From Tarkov has assured players that only “the breaking news section was attacked” with the situation itself under control. Battlestate Games continued to explain that “the launcher, game client, game servers, and game account data are safe and have not been affected.” You can check that tweet out for yourself below:

Escape From Tarkov hacked player data secure: an image of a tweet from the FPS game developer

In addition to this, the aforementioned content creator Logical Solutions reportedly scanned the “main assembly file” EFT uses and it was reportedly clear of any malware. So, that’s reassuring when you consider everything else.

Still, this has led to EFT fans further criticising the shooter’s developer for it’s lack of security amidst continual complaints around broken game mechanics and in-game cheaters still rampant. However, the Escape From Tarkov anti-cheat seems to be always working overtime when it comes to disabling exploits. So, perhaps this is indicative that there’s a wider problem for Battlestate Games to address.

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