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Escape From Tarkov bids goodbye to flea market bartering

Getting your hands on a bargain in Escape From Tarkov is vital but changes to the EFT flea market mean you won't be able to utilise the flea barter feature.

Tarkov Money currency in Escape From Tarkov

Trading in Escape From Tarkov could be your ticket to survival, but not without trying to clinch a tasty deal in the process. The Escape From Tarkov flea market allows players to exchange common or desirable items obtained from raids, with bartering playing a key role in the exchange of goods. Though, changes to Escape From Tarkov could see the role of flea market bartering absent in the game.

Escape From Tarkov YouTuber ‘NoiceGuy Tarkov‘ dives into the batch of new EFT changes, explaining that “there have been a massive amount of changes in-game today. The amount of flea offers that you can have based on your reputation in the flea have been increased.”

Furthermore, the YouTuber says “if you have between seven and thirty reputation, you now have three slots” and the “trend” continues from there. However, NoiceGuy Tarkov also clarifies that “there are also no barters allowed on the flea market. You can only buy and sell for currency.”

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The YouTuber claims it is a “big gut punch” for RMT (real money trading). For those unaware, Escape From Tarkov often allows players to exchange in-game items for actual money, in a similar fashion to that of Counter-Strike Global Offensive skins. It is possible that RMT could be viable in another form, as NoiceGuy Tarkov suggests that an auction house could take the place of the flea market in the future – with some notable tweaks of course.

Items can only be exchanged in the flea market if they fall under the ‘found in raid’ status. If you’re wondering what items come under that bracket, essentially you’d be looking to trade items that weren’t brought in by a PMC (private military company), have been crafted in the hideout, or gathered as a quest reward. Though, you might need to avoid numerous threats in Tarkov before you can think about securing some better gear.

Specifically, EFT players have been experiencing an unrelenting wave of cheating. While cheating can be common in Escape From Tarkov, developer Battlestate Games is down clamping hard thanks to new anti-cheat improvements. You’ll need to be more cunning than ever if you’re hoping to explore these Escape From Tarkov maps safely. Stay frosty out there on the battlefield.