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Elden Ring is the most watched FromSoftware game in Twitch history

Action-RPG Elden Ring has hit staggering numbers of hours watched on Twitch, becoming the most-watched FromSoftware game just over a month after launch

Elden Ring Twitch hours watched: An image of a man on a horse and a hooded woman

Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s hit action-RPG, has hit 215 million hours watched on Twitch – more than any other FromSoftware game, and it’s only been out for around five weeks. In its first week, Elden Ring hit over a million concurrent viewers on the streaming platform and it’s safe to say that interest hasn’t dwindled.

StreamHatchet, a streaming platform analyst, has shared comparative viewership data that really puts Elden Ring’s huge success and popularity into perspective. With data going back to 2016, the StreamHatchet report has revealed that Dark Souls Remastered managed around 10 million hours watched a month after launch – hardly comparable to Elden Ring’s figures.

Dark Souls III is the only FromSoftware game that has managed to come close to Elden Ring’s viewership numbers, but it’s hardly a fair comparison. Since StreamHatchet started tracking Twitch viewership data, Dark Souls III has been watched for roughly 161 million hours.

Yes, that’s 161 million hours in almost six years – Elden Ring has been watched 134% the amount of time in less than six weeks. It’s staggering, really, just how popular FromSoftware’s latest action-RPG is.

Looking at other viewership data, despite being FromSoftware’s second most successful launch, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has only been watched 94 million hours on Twitch since launch. Bloodborne, which has a cult following and fans dying for a sequel, has only managed to hit 60 million hours watched since Stream Hatchet started tracking things.

Even without looking at other streaming platforms like YouTube and Facebook Gaming, it’s clear that Elden Ring hasn’t just won the wallets of gamers everywhere – it’s also winning the battle for their attention online. If you’re just starting out, though, you can find out Elden Ring walkthrough guide right here – or, check out our guide to the Elden Ring’s best starting and early game weapons for tips on what to look out for first.