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Elden Ring DLC expansion is “currently in development”

Following it's one-year anniversary celebrations, a new Elden Ring DLC expansion called Shadow of the Erdtree has been revealed by FromSoftware

Elden Ring DLC: A knight in silver armour grabs the handle of his sword

A major Elden Ring DLC has finally been announced by FromSoftware, just over a year after the hit soulslike and award show-sweeper launched to critical acclaim. Many were disappointed when the game’s one-year anniversary came and went without any news on future content, but in a humble tweet, FromSoft has quickly rectified that by revealing that an expansion called Shadow of the Erdtree is in the works.

While the announcement that Elden Ring will be getting a major expansion will be cause for celebration, we know very little about it at this stage aside from its name, a piece of key art, and that it is “currently in development”.

That latter point means that we don’t have much of an idea as to when Shadow of the Erdtree will be released just yet, but fans will definitely hope that it drops before 2023 is out.

Elden Ring DLC: key art for the ELden Ring expansion Shadow of the Erdtree

For a game that received widespread rave reviews (including our own Elden Ring review), scooped countless awards and Game of the Year prizes (including ours), and has hit 20 million players according to a recent announcement, its anniversary celebrations were surprisingly lowkey. Fans were left underwhelmed when DLC was not mentioned at all during a livestream by publisher Bandai Namco, and no announcements or teasers were made on social media either.

Elden Ring has cemented itself already as one of the best PS5 games and best Xbox Series X games, and with the news that it’s finally getting an expansion, one of the few remaining empty boxes on players’ wishlists has just been ticked.