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Elden Ring has a cut seventh ending, dataminers discover

Dataminers discover a cut seventh ending for Elden Ring, which is from a whole questline that never made it into the final release

Elden Ring Cut Seventh Ending: The player can be seen standing in front of a hand, while Marika can be seen as well

There are already more Elden Ring endings than any other FromSoftware game, but dataminers have discovered a secret seventh ending that was cut from the game, called the Age of Absolute.

Published by ‘Garden of Eyes’ on YouTube, this ending was seemingly removed from the game because the questline to obtain it never made it into the final release. The ending plays out initially like a lot of the other Elden Ring endings, placing Marika’s head onto her body, with similar dialogue narrating the ending as well.

However, the end sees the Erdtree set aflame and the player character looking at a hand with five fingers. What this means, isn’t clear, but speculation from the members of the community and in the comments of the video of the ending, suggests that during this ending the three fingers (representing Chaos) and two fingers (representing Order) merge to create a new Golden Order that encompasses all aspects. As a result, this could have been perceived as the best ending if it was in the final game as harmony would have been restored within The Lands Between.

It is somewhat disappointing to see this ending didn’t make the final cut as out of all of them, this presents the most interesting conclusion to the journey through The Lands Between and the Three Fingers and Two Fingers were largely sidelined towards the end of the game.

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Either way, this likely won’t be the last discovery we make from people datamining Elden Ring as Bloodborne datamines revealed a lot of cut content. So, chances are there is a lot still left hiding in the files of the game.