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EA Sports PGA Tour multiplayer modes explained

Get an idea of the full list of EA Sports PGA Tour multiplayer modes and options available to you as you play the newest game based replicating the sport

EA Sports PGA Tour Multiplayer: A golfer can be seen with multiple people watching him

Multiplayer is key to any sports game, especially when it comes to niche sports, allowing you to play with your friends and compete alongside one another online. But, what can you expect from EA Sports PGA Tour multiplayer?

Well, the answer is quite a bit as it has been developed with the multiplayer in mind with modes and quality of life improvements that should make it one of the top golf games available right now. Below you can find a deep dive into the multiplayer in the game and how you can play with your friends in unique modes and on the EA Sports PGA Tour courses that make up the four championships in the game.

EA Sports PGA Tour multiplayer

EA Sports PGA Tour multiplayer will be available from the game’s launch and allows up to 16 people to play online in one lobby. In this mode everyone will play at the same time on the same hole, so you see other players alongside you.

This mode has appeared in previous EA PGA games but has been limited to four to eight people, so doubling that is pretty substantial and will allow you to have larger lobbies and games with your friends. EA will be diving into more on the multiplayer as we approach the game’s release.

You can take a look at the gameplay of the game below in the first trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

That about covers what you need to know when it comes to EA Sports PGA Tour multiplayer. If you want more on the game, keep your eyes peeled for more guides and news as we approach the EA Sports PGA Tour release date.