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Tinder has matched with a MOBA and it isn’t Dota 2

Searching for “the one” online? Well, Tinder isn’t going to help if you’re a Dota 2 fan, as one fan has spotted that it’s not listed as an interest - but LoL is

Dota 2 Tinder interest missing: an image of a woman with her hair tied back from the MOBA

We know dating sites aren’t for everyone, but if you’re out there looking to find The One online, you may have found yourself setting up a Tinder account at some point. Of course, there are a million and one jokes about Tinder out there, but some gamers think they’ve found the ultimate laugh. If you’re setting up a new account on the dating site, you can select League of Legends as an interest, but not Dota 2. Is this the dating site weighing in on the ultimate debate on which of these MOBA games is better, or just an unfortunate misstep?

On September 22, Reddit user ‘thealeksjay’ took to the self-titled homepage of the internet to share his discovery that Tinder lists League of Legends alongside things like vegan cooking, ballet, and iced tea as an interest – but not Dota 2 – alongside the question “how are we supposed to find ‘the one’ here then?”

If you’re a die-hard Dota 2 fan, it’s a very valid question – and one the Dota 2 subreddit found quite hilarious. One user has claimed that Tinder is doing Dota 2 fans a favour by skipping the game in its interests list. Another has hilariously commented that Dota 2 players don’t have time for things like relationships. When you consider the average length of a Dota 2 game, they might be onto something – they’re not exactly quick.

Whether you think that Dota is more of a lifestyle than an interest, like one Dota 2 subreddit member, or that all the Tinder employees are just casuals, like another, it’s a welcome sight to see gaming further establish itself as a mainstream interest – even if it is on a platform like Tinder.

Discussing the reputation of Dota 2 in comparison to Riot Games’ League of Legends more generally in the comments, fans are questioning why the latter has so much more marketing and additional media attached to it when Dota 2’s world is just as rich. The newly-released Lil Nas X LoL Worlds 2022 song STAR WALKIN is both a Gundam fan’s wet dream and a prime example of where Dota 2 could improve – and perhaps find itself with a Spotify category of its own in the future.

Tinder has League as an interest but no Dota. How are we supposed to find "the one" here then? from DotA2

Earlier in the month a Dota 2 update improved the 2022 battle pass and offered players a free week of Dota Plus. Perhaps, next, the Dota 2 team should look into how they can improve the game’s reputation on the dating scene.