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Dota 2 update improves 2022 battle pass with free week of Dota Plus

Valve is helping Dota 2 players struggling with 2022 battle pass progression and offering anyone who’s played a game since its’ release a free week of Dota Plus

Dota 2 2022 battle pass update: an image of an armoured elf woman on a lava background

Do you think that Dota 2 has a bit of a battle pass progression issue nowadays? Well, you’re not alone and Valve is actually addressing this issue with an update to how you earn 2022 battle pass progression in Dota 2. Not only this, but anyone who has played at least one match in Valve’s free-to-play MOBA since the launch of the 2022 battle pass will get a week of Dota Plus for free.

Yes, you’re reading that right. Valve has compared the median amount of points earned during the 2022 battle pass period to The International 10 battle pass and found out that even though hardcore players are going to have earned a similar amount of points, casual players are “likely to have fewer points than before” – to put it into Valve’s own words.

While this might not be quite a surprise to you if you’re one of the many Dota 2 players struggling to get through the 2022 battle pass, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a way you can improve the points you earn going forward – thanks to Valve’s latest title update.

What does this Dota 2 update actually look like, though? Well, it introduces a Weekly Bonus feature and improves the Weekly Quests on offer at the moment.

The Weekly Bonus feature is quite a simple one, as explained by the 2022 battle pass update blog post. It adds a feature that “simply grants battle points whenever you complete a match” – which is capped at 2,000 battle points per week. You’ll get 200 points when you win, but also 100 when you lose. So, no matter how well your games go, this is going to improve your 2022 battle pass progression going forward.

In addition to this, non-bonus week Weekly Quests will reward 1,000 battle points at 2, 8, and 15 stars and the first Bonus Week Battle Chest will be available at two stars instead of three. This should make things a little easier for casual players, while still rewarding those of you who like to play a bit more Dota 2 in your spare time.

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