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Disney Illusion Island release date, story, gameplay

Get all the details about the upcoming platfoming adventure ahead of the Disney Illusion Island release date in 2023 on Nintendo Switch

Disney Illusion Island Release Date: Goofy, Donald, Mickey, and Minnie can be seen

When is the Disney Illusion Island release date? Dlala Studios did a solid job at revitalizing the Battletoads franchise a few years ago. But, now the team is back and putting their stamp on Disney and Mickey Mouse and friends. But, what is their new game exactly and what do you need to know ahead of Disney Illusion Island?

With a beautiful art style, gorgeous animations, and a diverse set of environments, the puzzle-platformer is looking great and like a game for everyone, no matter your age. Below, you can find a rundown of exactly what the story setup is for Disney Illusion Island and how the gameplay will work.

Disney Illusion Island release date

The Disney Illusion Island release date is set for Friday, July 28, 2023, for Nintendo Switch. The game is an exclusive title for the Switch and hasn’t been confirmed for any other platforms at this time. 

Disney Illusion Island story

Disney Illusion Island sees Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy on an adventure as they explore the mysterious island of Monoth and set out to recover three mystical books. The goal? stop the world from seeing a disaster.

As you can expect, with a family-friendly game like this, the story isn’t anything too complex, but there should be some fun surprises and cameos for Disney fans.

Disney Illusion Island gameplay

Disney Illusion Island is a classic platformer, with 2D environments to explore either by yourself or with friends in co-op. You will run, swing, swim, and jump through a set of diverse biomes to find hidden secrets on your hunt for mystical books.

On top of exploration, there is of course combat and a variety of enemies you will need to dispose of while you explore.

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That covers what you can expect from the game ahead of release. While you wait for the Disney Illusion Island release date, why not take a look at some of the best Nintendo Switch games available right now?