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Disney Dreamlight Valley ingredients how to get and where to find them

Are you curious about the Disney Dreamlight Valley ingredients and how to get and find all the ingredients. Here is where you can find them all

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ingredients Get Find: WALL-E can be seen farming with the player

Disney Dreamlight Valley is packed full of ingredients for you to find and collect that allow you to cook a variety of the best recipes in the game. These help you restore your energy while out in your village or can be gifted to friends to help you raise friendships fast or sold. But, where can your find and get all the ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Well, thankfully most of them just require you to do some exploring around the island and from there they can be grown. However, a small handful of ingredients will require you to either complete one of the game’s quests or bring a special little friend to your Village.

So, if you are keen to know how to get and where to find all the ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley, read on through the rest of this article.

Disney Dreamlight Valley where to get and find all ingredients

Here is how and when you can get all the ingredients in Disney Dream Light Valley across the map’s locations:

Ingredient Location Sells For  Energy Restoration Amount
Asparagus  Frosted Heights 133 Star Coins 42 energy
Bell Pepper Forest of Valor 33 Star Coins 79 energy
 Carrot Peaceful Meadow  44 Star Coins 57 energy
 Chili Pepper Sunlit Plateau 78 Star Coins 140 energy
 Cucumber Frosted Heights 159 Star Coins 145 energy
 Eggplant Frosted Heights 308 Star Coins 451 energy
 Leek Forgotten Lands 309 Star Coins 288 energy
Lettuce Peaceful Meadow 8 Star Coins 56 energy
Okra Glade of Trust 114 Star Coins 31 energy
Onion Forest of Valor 170 Star Coins 146 energy
 Potato Forgotten Lands 126 Star Coins 113 energy
Pumpkin  Forgotten Lands 664 Star Coins 187 energy
Spinach  Glade of Trust 41 Star Coins 60 energy
Tomato Glade of Trust 22 Star Coins 21 energy
 Zucchini Sunlit Plateau 52 Star Coins 48 energy
 Apple Forgotten Lands, Plaza 25 Star Coins 300 energy
Banana Peaceful Meadow, Dazzle Beach  29 Star Coins 350 energy
Blueberry Forest of Valor, Dazzle Beach 29 Star Coins 350 energy
Cherry Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau  42 Star Coins 500 energy
 Cocoa Bean Sunlit Plateau, Glade of Trust 38 Star Coins 450 energy
Coconut Complete the ‘Burying the Eel’ quest from Maui 114 Star Coins 450 energy
 Gooseberry Frosted Heights, Forgotten Lands 50 Star Coins 600 energy
 Lemon Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust 33 Star Coins 400 energy
 Raspberry Plaza, Peaceful Meadow  21 Star Coins  250 energy
Canola Forest of Valor 109 Star Coins 59 energy
Corn Dazzle Beach 16 Star Coins 30 energy
 Rice Glade of Trust 61 Star Coins 59 energy
 Soya Sunlit Plateau  69 Star Coins 59 energy
Sugarcane Dazzle Beach  19 Star Coins 46 energy
Wheat Peaceful Meadow 2 Star Coins  19 energy
Butter Remy’s Pantry 190 Star Coins 285 energy
 Cheese Remy’s Pantry 180 Star Coins 270 energy
 Egg Remy’s Pantry 220 Star Coins 330 energy
Milk Remy’s Pantry 230 Star Coins 345 energy
 Peanut Remy’s Pantry 200 Star Coins 300 energy
Slush Ice Remy’s Pantry 150 Star Coins 225 energy
Basil Peaceful Meadow 25 Star Coins 100 energy
Garlic Forest of Valor 60 Star Coins 135 energy
Ginger Forgotten Lands  100 Star Coins 175 energy
 Mint Frosted Heights 80 Star Coins 155 energy
Mushrooms Glade of Trust  30 Star Coins 105 energy
Oregano Plaza 20 Star Coins 95 energy
 Vanilla Sunlit Plateau  60 Star Coins 135 energy
 Clam Dazzle Beach 45 Star Coins 120 energy
 Oyster Dazzle Beach 250 Star Coins 250 energy
 Scallop Dazzle Beach 50 Star Coins 125 energy

As mentioned, most of these ingredients can actually be grown once you have found them in the world. They are located in corners of the map, either growing in the ground or on trees and other foliage. After completing Maui’s quest you will be able to grow Coconuts on Dazzle Beach and the selection of items from Remy’s pantry will require you to unlock the character from the Ratatouille Realm.

So there you have it, that is how to get and find all the ingredients in the world in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more guides on how to find everything, check out our guide on where to find all the gems in the game and a list of all the quests and missions you can complete as you are touching up and building out your Dreamlight Valley.