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Diablo 4 servers down – how to check their status

Get an idea of if the Diablo 4 servers down issue is currently affecting the game and what can be done to check whether they are down for everyone.

Diablo 4 Servers Down: A character can be seen

The Diablo 4 servers down issue is not something you want to run into when playing the RPG. The expansive and wide world of Sanctuary is yours to explore, but you may end up being stuck on the main menu, unable to load into the game and play.

In this Diablo 4 guide, we will run down exactly what this issue means, and how you can either fix it or check the server status for yourself. After all, you definitely want to get back in and explore the Diablo 4 map in Diablo 4 multiplayer, or level up your Diablo 4 classes with how much there is to do in the game.

Are the Diablo 4 servers down?

The Diablo 4 servers are currently live but may be down at various points on June 5, 2023, and June 6, 2023, due to overcrowding and server issues. This initial launch period after early access will have a lot of players so expect to run into some log-in issues.

The Diablo 4 servers will be down when the game is not accessible to avoid players jumping in when work is being done on the servers or to improve the game. During this time, patches and fixes may be pushed to improve the game experience and resolve bugs.

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How to check the Diablo 4 server status?

The Diablo 4 server status can be checked by visiting the official Diablo 4 support page on Battle.net. You can also see updates on the Diablo Twitter account which may post some updates when servers are down for maintenance or unexpectedly.

If all else fails, and there are no updates from Blizzard, you can use a third-party website. The best out there is DownDetector for Diablo, which will show reports from other people when they are also suffering from server issues. With this, you can see if the problem is widespread or just an issue for you.

Those are all the ways you can see if the Diablo 4 servers down issue is a problem currently, as well as how to check the Diablo 4 server status yourself. For even more server tips and guides on errors with the game, check out our rundown of the Diablo 4 unable to find valid license error and the Diablo 4 queued error.