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Diablo 4’s beta post-mortem puts dungeon design under the microscope

While some Diablo 4 dungeon crawlers prefer complex, maze-like structures, other players would rather Blizzard's upcoming RPG provides variety elsewhere.

Diablo 4 dungeon layout criticism: Lilith

With the promise of terrors and treasures around every corner, everyone loves a good dungeon. However, while crawling through complex dungeons is fun for some, others would much prefer to run through familiar layouts in search of new loot to snag, and beasties to kill. Diablo 4 is no exception to that dichotomy.

In a Reddit thread discussing the perceived repetitiveness of the RPG’s dungeons ahead of the Diablo 4 release date, some players are worried that Blizzard’s latest instalment will quickly become “stale” in the same way Diablo 3 did for them.

Of course, while there are those who long to get lost in sprawling mazes which require complex puzzles and careful navigation to complete, there are others who prefer to hop in, kill the big beasties, get paid, and get out.

Then there are those who sit somewhere in the middle, wishing for a different kind of variety to the dungeon loop. For example, rather than a ton of random layouts, RNG would come in with “more random encounters like the Butcher showing up”.

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The idea of keeping dungeons fresh through other means is certainly going to be an important factor with Diablo 4 shaping up the way it is. Though, with that said, we have seen only a modicum of the final product during this weekend’s beta, so it’s certainly far too early to judge the overall experience. Blizzard has promised over 150 dungeons across the world of Sanctuary, so there’s still plenty of scope for variety yet.

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