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Destiny 2 Something New hand cannon god rolls and unlocks

Heads up Guardians, here's how to get your hands on the new Destiny 2 Something new handcannon, including the ideal Something New god rolls

Destiny 2 Something New: A guardian holds the Something New handcannon

How do you unlock the Destiny 2 Something New hand cannon? While Destiny 2’s Solstice 2022 event awards a new set of glowing Candescent Armor and cosmetic rewards like a Sparrow, Ship, and Emotes, the primary new weapon drop is the Something New hand cannon, a shiny 120 RPM Stasis pistol with a couple of cool roll possibilities.

Crucially, Something New is only available during Solstice Events going forward, so if you miss out on it now, you’ll have to wait around 12 months until Solstice 2023 for another chance to snag it. While it’s not the most powerful hand cannon in the game by some margin, its small window of availability makes it worth grabbing even to fill out your Collections.

In this guide we’ll show you how to get Something New in Destiny 2, and mull over some of the best rolls to look out for to use in both PvE and PvP.

How to get Something New in Destiny 2

Want to get Something New in Destiny 2? Luckily, the drop rate for Something New is pretty high. But, you can only get it inside the Solstice 2022 Bonfire Bash event.

You’ll need to head to the European Aerial Zone with your Candescent Armor equipped and help your fireteam ignite the huge Bonfire in the north side of the map. Once the Bonfire is lit and the event is over, it will shower you with rewards, glimmer and Silver Ash. If you’re lucky, you’ll get Something New in the loot shower.

Destiny 2 Something New god rolls

In addition to the awesome Origin Trait Dream Work, which refills (and can overflow) the magazine after assisted kills, Something New can roll with a few decent perk combinations. Feeding Frenzy, Wellspring, and Tunnel Vision in slot one are great choices, while Thresh, Multikill Clip, and Demolitionist can roll in slot two.

For PvE, you’re looking for a combination like Wellspring and Demolitionist, as the two perks together will keep your ability and grenade energy on the charge. Arrowhead Brake to increase handling speed or Smallbore for the increase to range and stability are good choices for Barrel perks, while Flared Magwell and High Calibre Rounds will serve you well for an increase to reload speed or range respectively.

In PvP, Something New is harder to recommend. There are some amazing PvP handcannons such as Eyasluna, Fatebringer, The Last Word, and Ace of Spades. All of these overshadow Something New in competitive play, but it’s not completely useless.

Tunnel Vision or Ensemble are good perks for slot one. Tunnel Vision increases handling and target acquisition after a kill, while Ensemble improves reload speed when you’re near allies. As for slot two, you could do worse than Multikill Clip (boosts damage after a reload based on recent kills) or Thresh, which generates Super Energy on a kill.

Smallbore on the barrel is perfect for extra range in PvP, while you can’t really go wrong with Ricochet Rounds for those near misses, or High Calibre Rounds.

What about the Compass Rose?

Of course, there’s also the Solstice 2022 solar shotgun to consider too. The Compass Rose makes a fine addition to any build using Something New, and can roll with a handful of decent combos – as well as the Dream Work Origin Trait.

As with Something New, you’ll need to complete the Bonfire Bash to drop Compass Rose, though the drop rate is much lower than it is for the hand cannon.

For PvP, you’re looking for a combination of Fragile Focus or Quickdraw and Snapshot Sights or Golden Tricorn. Full Choke is the go-to Barrel perk, and Accurized Rounds add much-needed range to each shot.

As for PvE activities, Surplus is a great perk to combine with either Vorpal Weapon or Incandescent to bring the extra damage to bosses and elite enemies.

There you go: that’s how to get Something New (and Compass Rose) and which rolls to look out for during the Destiny 2 Solstice 2022 event. If you’re after more guides, make sure to check out our Destiny 2 best armour guide, as well as our best Destiny 2 weapons for PvE guide.