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Destiny 2’s Cabal drop pods are now here to help you, not crush you

Cabal AI will fight alongside you in Destiny 2's Season of the Risen missions

Two close up Destiny 2 screenshots of a Cabal soldier holding a gun, and Cabal leader Empress Caiatl in her golden armour

Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen, and the first season of the expansion, Season of the Risen, is finally here. Guardians will take the fight to this expansion’s big bad, Savathun, in a brand new location: her Throne World. There were hints already that we would be enlisting the help of Empress Caiatl and her Cabal army to help in some way in Season of the Risen, but it looks like they’re going to be more hands-on than we originally imagined.

A trailer, released just before The Witch Queen update, reveals that as part of Caiatl’s agreement with Commander Zavala, Cabal will be sent to help us in our fight as actual AI soldiers that will work alongside you.

Distressingly, these Cabal AI will arrive in those drop pods, which will be fired from a Cabal ship overhead. However it looks as if they will actually be here to assist you rather than squish you this time around. Please for the love of god, Bungie, don’t make these things crush us.

While the Cabal will send you big, brutish ground support, it also appears that the more dainty Cabal Psions will play a major role in campaign missions (and possibly activities like strikes, too) in Season of the Risen.

The trailer shows Guardians taking on a powerful-looking foe, presumably some kind of boss, only for a Caiatl to explain: “Once they’re weakened, my Psions will step in. Be ready to enter the Mindscape [or, Mind’s Gate, we can’t quite make out the audio…]”. The Psions, using some kind of telepathic or reality-bending powers, will take you to an alternate dimension through the weakened boss, where it appears you will be able to encounter Savathun herself.

There’s a lot to unravel, including a bunch of new Destiny 2 exotics, but as we dive deeper into Season of the Risen, we’re sure all will be revealed. If you haven’t yet got it, you can pick up the entire Witch Queen expansion right here.