Will Destiny 2 kill off another big character in Lightfall?

It's been a while since we had a heart-wrenching Destiny 2 death, so could Lightfall axe another Cayde-level character? And if so, who?

Destiny 2 Lightfall: Ikora Rey looks over her shoulder at a group of main Destiny 2 characters. The Traveler's reflection can be seen in the window

It has been a while since we had to say goodbye to a friend in Destiny 2. Despite the Forsaken expansion launching four years ago, some Guardians are still feeling the sting of Cayde-6’s noble death at the hands of Prince Uldren. It was a brave move for Bungie, too, proving in one admittedly-glorious cinematic that no one in Destiny 2’s universe is safe. Not even supposedly immortal Guardians.

While everyone escaped Savathun’s web of deceit relatively unscathed in The Witch Queen, it’s highly likely that Bungie will raise the stakes once more to establish The Witness as a truly credible threat to the System and the Last City. But who could we lose? With everyone at risk, we’ve ranked the likelihood that each of our main allies will buy the farm in Lightfall.

Least likely: Eris Morn

While Eris Morn has been a close ally of Ikora Rey for a long time, everyone else is still just a little wary of the three-eyed witch. With Lightfall focusing on the Cabal, the Hive are likely to take a back seat, meaning Eris may not even feature much in the campaign, and is therefore expected to make it out alive simply because she’ll be out of harm’s way.

Unlikely: Ikora Rey

The Warlock Vanguard took the lead in The Witch Queen campaign, and still holds herself personally responsible for Cayde’s death. And yet, she’s proved time and again to be incredibly formidable, in the Crucible, during the Great Ahamkara Hunt, and fighting without her Light in the Red War. Even more than Zavala, her backstory is deeply interlinked with the other major players like Osiris and Eris Morn, and if Bungie is to ever explore the history of the Guardians more deeply in future expansions, Ikora is likely to play a prominent part. 

More than that, though, she has taken on an almost maternal role in recent years and, while her death would certainly have a lasting emotional impact, she’s the character Bungie uses to bring us – the player – through difficult times. 

Maybe: Saladin Forge

Now assigned to Empress Caiatl’s war council for defending Crow during Season of the Risen, the Iron Banner handler is likely to feature in the Lightfall campaign. A key ally of Zavala and the Guardian, he’s also a tormented man and a staunch defender of the Light. If the chance comes up for a heroic sacrifice, we could be saying farewell to the Iron Lord in February.

Destiny 2 Lightfall: Empress Caiatl stands in her Cabal armor

Possibly: Empress Caiatl

We’re about to ride into battle to face her father, the former Emperor Calus, now a Disciple of the Witness and host to the Shadow Legion, his own private army. For Empress Caiatl, the stakes couldn’t be higher. It has been glorious to watch her blossoming relationship with Zavala, one based on mutual respect and admiration, but the beef is personal between her and her father and she could well be his first target.

Likely: Osiris

The former Warlock Vanguard and mentor to Ikora Rey, Osiris has had a busy few years. After returning to the Sol System in the Curse of Osiris, he’s been reunited with his lover Saint-14, lost his Ghost, Sagira, and been body-snatched by the Witch Queen. Now in recovery, most wouldn’t expect Osiris to even feature much in Lightfall. But then why is he the one main ally featured in the official artwork? While his death would be heart-breaking for Saint-14 – and us – he’s a man with demons to bury.

Destiny 2 Lightfall: Commander Zavala in his iconic armor looks to the side in disbelief

Most Likely: Commander Zavala

Like Ikora Rey, Zavala has been with us since day one of Destiny. His role as both leader and mentor has guided us as Guardians through every major campaign since 2014. But in recent seasons we’ve seen him begin to question his faith in the Traveler, ally himself with not one but two of humanity’s most hated foes, and – in Season of the Haunted – reconcile with the ghosts of his past. You simply couldn’t write a more noble story arc than Zavala’s; an arc which, sadly, may have come to an end. It would be truly devastating to lose the Titan Vanguard to the Witness, but in our eyes he’s the most likely candidate of all.

So, time will tell with this one. Could we say goodbye to one of these fan-favourite characters in Lightfall, or are our predictions way off? Maybe a character we didn’t mention will get the axe – Crow, Saint-14, The Drifter, and more are possible candidates too. We’ll know for sure when the new expansion launches in February 2023. 

That’s all a while away yet, so for now turn your eyes back to the Season of Plunder, and maybe brush up on the best Destiny 2 weapons and armor for the current season.