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Destiny 2 bug conjures up unseen exotic weapons we’d love to keep

Destiny 2 has plenty of exotic weapons to be excited about, but a strange bug in the Bungie shooter has players wishing these Lightfall guns actually existed.

Destiny 2 guardian with blunder shotgun weapon

Barnstorming through a tough Destiny 2 Raid can be exceptionally easy, especially if you’ve brought a powerful arsenal along with you. There are many Destiny 2 exotic weapons to wield across the galaxy and Bungie has concocted some beasts like the Final Warning for Lightfall. But what if the game itself decided to create a Destiny 2 exotic weapon unlike any other before it? Well, look no further.

Showcasing a Destiny 2 weapon forged out of the ether, Redditor ‘burritoblade’ jokingly claims they have a supremely rare weapon: “Rarest gun in the game; Izinagi’s auto rifle.” Fans of the Bungie shooter will be familiar with Inzinagi’s Burden, an excellent sniper rifle, but this bizarrely brilliant crossover doesn’t actually exist in the game at present – at least not officially. It appears that the game has mistakenly mixed assets together for separate exotic and or legendary weapons, leading to this once-in-a-lifetime crossover for this lucky Destiny 2 fan.

Though Inzinagi’s Auto Burden (if you will) doesn’t right now, Destiny 2 players are exploring weapon creations they’d love to see appear in future expansions and updates. Redditor ‘JSchift’ claims that they’ve passively encountered a similar glitch, adding that “this happened to my buddy but with Sweet Business and Quicksilver it was hilarious the gun was spinning around the barrel.”

Rarest gun in the game; Izinagi’s auto rifle.
by u/buritoblade in DestinyFashion

Some players report that weapons such as the Osteo Striga and the Wishender are merging together in unique ways to cause unrelenting mayhem. “Had a similar glitch with my Osteo-Wishender last week,” says ‘themudcrabking’, depicting his adventure in a brief clip.

This bug is somewhat of a rarity in itself but Redditor ‘DJFunkyPuddle‘ thinks that Bungie should take inspiration from it: “I’ve been hoping for years that the in [the] final season of Destiny 2 Bungie lets us equip exotics in every slot. Just let us go crazy for a couple of months before returning everything back to normal.” Should these epic creations come to life in the future, they could rival the likes of the best Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares weapons.

We know that there are definitely some weapons we’d love to see in the game. Unfortunately, these guns will have to remain the stuff of dreams for now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t obtain some serious firepower. Utilise the best Destiny 2 weapons and you won’t be disappointed.