Destiny 2 King’s Fall release time revealed for the returning raid

Bungie has confirmed the Destiny 2 King's fall release time and plans for a race to World First for the fan-favourite returning raid

Destiny 2 Kings Fall release time: silhouettes of six Guardians standing in front of a doorway glowing with orange light

During its info-packed showcase at Gamescom Opening Night Live, Bungie revealed the Destiny 2 King’s Fall release time, confirming that the popular classic raid would be returning for players in the Season of Plunder.

King’s Fall will see Destiny 2 players take on the Hive King Oryx – the brother of Savathun, the main antagonist of the current expansion The Witch Queen – once again, and the raid will be free for all players to take part in. While many long-time Destiny players will be familiar with King’s Fall, that isn’t stopping Bungie doing a World First race. Seeing as there are so many different strategies, subclasses, and weapons in Destiny 2 than there were during the original King’s Fall, expect to see some cool new ways for players to clear the raid.

So when is the Destiny 2 King’s Fall release time? Players can jump into the raid or watch the World First race on Friday, August 26 at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm BST.

Hopefully, the experience will be somewhat smoother than the addition of Vow of the Disciple, the raid for The Witch Queen expansion that was plagued with error codes that would kick players from the activity and rather sullied the race for World First on that occasion.

If you’re planning on diving into King’s Fall, you’ll want to go equipped with the best Destiny 2 weapons in your loadout. Or, if you want to see how the sweatiest of gamers get things done, head on over to Twitch or YouTube’s Destiny 2 section on the day and tune in to a stream and see how the race for World First is going down.