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This Destiny 2 Exotic deserves a buff, but not the one some fans want

Destiny 2 fans are fed up with the Helm of Saint-14 Titan Exotic, but we can't help but feel as though the buffs suggested aren't going to improve upon things.

Destiny 2 Helm of Saint 14 Exotic buff fan ideas: an image of the aforementioned Titan in the FPs

When it comes to ensuring your Destiny 2 Guardian is equipped with the best Bungie’s looter shooter has to offer, Exotic items are – more often than not – the pinnacle of gear available. So, when you get your hands on one that suits your playstyle and subclass build, it can really elevate your experience with Bungie’s looter shooter. However, not all Exotics are created equal and this FPS’ fans are rallying around calls for Bungie to buff the Titan Exotic armor Helm of Saint-14 “asap”. While we do agree that this Exotic does need a buff, especially if you want to improve it’s effectiveness in PvP playlists, but it shouldn’t get the buff the fans want.

Prompted by Redditor ‘SuperAzn727’ online, quite a few Destiny 2 players would like to see the power fantasy of the Titan Super Ward of Dawn reinforced with a buff to the Helm of Saint-14 Exotic Titan helm. At the moment, this Exotic adds a modifier to the Super that blinds any enemies that enter the Ward of Dawn bubble and gives allies a Void overshield through the Starless Night Exotic Perk.

For a lot of players, this is-indeed something that should fulfil the “ultimate stronghold” fantasy – as the Reddit post suggests – and they’re under the impression that this Exotic only adding a blindness modifier isn’t quite enough to justify using it (as you’re only allowed to equip one Exotic armor piece at a time).

So, as you can see for yourself below, the OP has suggested that enemies who enter the Ward of Dawn bubble should become volatile as well. This would then cause any enemies who take additional damage to explode in a Void detonation.

Make Helm of ST-14 cause combatants to become volatile when they walk through the bubble
by u/SuperAzn727 in DestinyTheGame

Now, we don’t think this is the worst idea we’ve ever seen, but we can’t help but feel as though this is a step too far – even implementing a Volatile Rounds buff to allies inside, rather than making every enemy volatile, would be an improvement.

However, the comments on this post are as full of alternative suggestions as they are agreements with the aforementioned suggestion. So, while it’s unclear what the Destiny 2 fans want Bungie to do with the Helm of Saint-14, it’s clear that they think it needs to be changed.

One comments has suggested that it should synergise with weapon types, like Shotguns and Glaives. The example given is that Shotgun kills inside the Ward of Dawn wouldn’t cost any ammo – and that Glaive kills would extend it’s duration. We’re not sure that this quite fits into the “ultimate stronghold” fantasy, but we’re certainly not opposed to the idea – however, it does limit what Titan players would be able to use if they want to take full advantage of the Exotic.

Another comment seems to suggest that the Ward of Dawn Super should offer a general damage buff to allies inside, something that the Helm of Saint-14 could facilitate.

However, of course, people are also arguing that the Ward of Dawn Super is already quite powerful – and that this Exotic doesn’t really need to improve upon it any more than it already does. But, this isn’t a universal sentiment and players are critical of the Super in both PvE and PvP settings – so, maybe something does need to be done.

One interesting thing to think about when it comes to this conversation, though, is that this is an Exotic that affects a defensive Super. So, we don’t think it’s outrageous to want any modifiers to reinforce that defensive strength – as the original post alludes to – over something more offensive.

With that in mind, we certainly think something that enables the Guardians within to defend themselves better – or something that even improves upon the Void overshields the Starless Night perk already offers – is where Bungie should be looking to buff this armor piece.

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