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How to fix the Destiny 2 Centipede error code

Trying to fix the Destiny 2 Centipede error code so you can play Bungie's looter-shooter game? We've got everything you need to resolve the issue

destiny 2 centipede error code three guardians standing together in a dark dungeon

Eyes up, Guardian. Those are the magic words you want to hear, but instead all you’re getting is the Destiny 2 Centipede error code. All you want to do is grind some Light levels in Bungie’s looter-shooter, but that pesky code keeps popping up and stopping you from grouping up with your Fireteam and clearing Vault of Glass once again.

Not only does the Destiny 2 Centipede error code have a funny name, but it also prevents you from actually playing the game. Do you think Oryx would have stood for something like this? We think not.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find out what’s causing the error code, why it’s appearing, how you can fix it, and what Bungie is doing to resolve the problem once and for all. We’ll keep this guide updated with all the latest information as we get it, so check back to see what’s changed.

Destiny 2 Centipede error code

The Centipede error code is caused by networking issues and a loss of connection to Bungie’s servers. There are two possible fixes for this issue. The first is to switch from a Wi-Fi connection to a wired connection, and the other is to change your router’s NAT from Strict or Type 3 to Type 1 or Open.

According to Bungie support, not all NAT problems can be solved and the Centipede error is still under investigation by Bungie.

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