Dead Island 2 keys – where to find each one

Find out where you can get all of these keys so you can unlock doors, keyfobs, and other boxes and chests hidden around Hell-A's districts.

Dead Island 2 Keys: bruno can be seen

As you will have probably seen already, Dead Island 2 is filled with keys for you to find. Scattered around Hell-A, these keys will unlock a variety of locked loot and rooms which can help you survive, or give you the edge in a fight.

Below, you can find all the Dead Island 2 keys locations, with a guide on what type of zombie they are located on. Be warned these zombies are at a higher level than most others. It can be hard to find these zombies sometimes, but it’s worth scouring every alley, room, and section of a map, in order to pick up these keys, which we found during our Dead Island 2 review playthrough.

Dead Island 2 keys – where to find each one

The various Dead Island 2 keys can be found in the following locations:

  • Coach’s Car Keys – Runner, by the tennis court in the mansion in the north-west (Bel-Air)
  • Cable Guy’s Van Key – Shocking Walker, found on Alpine Drive (Bel-Air)
  • Brock’s Safe Key – Crusher, Goat Pen Mansion gym found in the centre of the map (Bel-Air)
  • Curtis’ Safe Key – Screamer, in the backgarden of Curtis’ house after returning to Bel-Air (Bel-Air)
  • Landscaper’s Key – Butcher, by the tennis court in the mansion in the north-west (Bel-Air)
  • Military Supplies Key – Crusher, wandering the streets near the exit to Bel-Air (Halperin Hotel)
  • Security Guard’s Safe Key – Walker, inside the underground parking garage (Halperin Hotel)
  • Military Courier’s Key – Runner, in the hotel lobby (Halperin Hotel)
  • Poolside Container Key – Slobber in the pool of water by the truck in the east (Halperin Hotel)
  • Laundry Room Locker Key – Screamer, outside the hotel in the wedding ceremony area (Halperin Hotel)
  • Fancy Leather Trunk Key – Mutator, hotel, third floor (Halperin Hotel)
  • Bouncer’s Key – Crusher, by the pool in the south-east of the map (Beverly Hills)
  • Michael’s Safe Key – Walker, east of Michael’s house (Beverly Hills)
  • Garage Safe Key – Walker, on the far east of the map (Beverly Hills)
  • Biohazard Containment Key – Walker, west of the building located in the middle of the map (Beverly Hills)
  • Nikki’s Prize Key – Butcher, in the Slobber spot in the middle of the map (Beverly Hills)
  • Brentwood Waste Key –  Screamer, by the small office in the Brentwood Water Reclamation Project on the west of the map (Beverly Hills)
  • Foreman’s Key – Mutator, in the building development in the south of the map (Beverly Hills)
  • Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Key –  Screamer, South of stage 3 (Monarch Studios)
  • Security’s Cooler Key – Walker, inside Jimmy Montana’s trailer south of stage 7 (Monarch Studios)
  • Space Fox 2250 Prop Key – Spiky Runner, north of Stage 7 (Monarch Studios)

This guide will be updated with additional keys as we discover them across the game’s different maps.

These keys will unlock some hugely valuable areas and loot which you definitely won’t want to miss out on. They can be hard to find as they are all dropped by zombies and seeing loot on the ground isn’t the easiest of tasks in Dead Island 2.

So, as you hunt down all these Dead Island 2 keys, be sure to keep your eyes out for them as you are completing the Dead Island 2 missions. For even more guides, check out our Dead Island 2 walkthrough as you are playing.