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National treasure Nicolas Cage is really coming to Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has just confirmed that DBD Nicolas Cage DLC is coming with more information expected in a matter of weeks.

Dead By Daylight Nicolas Cage DLC teaser: an image of the actor from the horror game clip

We know it seems inconceivable, but Behaviour Interactive has just revealed that Nicolas Cage is coming to Dead By Daylight – seemingly as a survivor – in the future. When you’re up against The Huntress or The Trapper, it does feel like you’re an Army of One at times; although, we can’t help but imagine we’re going to be seeing a lot of the movie star when he arrives. Dead By Daylight is one of the best Xbox horror games and best PS5 horror games – if you’re looking to play with your friends – and this kick-ass content proves that.

If you’re sitting there just knowing that you want to play as Nicolas Cage in Dead By Daylight, though, you might be wondering when you can actually get your hands on this DLC and face-off against one of this game’s terrifying killers. Well, at the moment, we just don’t know.

The announcement, which you can see for yourself on the official Dead By Daylight social media account here, just shows us a first-look at this national treasure in-game and confirms that we can “learn more” about this on Saturday July 5 – which is quite a while away, yet.

What do we expect from this announcement? Well, we were expecting Nicolas Cage to be added to Dead By Daylight as a Survivor – not a killer. However, the audio in the teaser below does sound a little sinister. So, after watching it, we could see this go either way.

In addition to that, in a similar fashion to the Evil Dead series’ Ash Williams, we expect to see Cage added as a standalone paid DLC – as opposed to being a part of a larger season of content, like we have seen with Dead By Daylight’s Resident Evil crossovers. However, the boy in blue does have an extensive filmography for Behaviour Interactive to draw from when it comes to content. From Willy’s Wonderland to The Wickerman, we think there’s plenty of iconic locations from Cage’s movies that would make for fine Dead By Daylight maps.

Similarly, as this Renfield review agrees, Nicolas Cage kills it as Dracula. So, we wouldn’t be opposed to seeing this iconic vampire added to Dead By Daylight as a killer – and it would be even better if it was based on Cage’s performance.

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Is this one of the best games of all time? Well, you could make a case for it being on that list. It’s not perfect, but it’s stood the test of time and dominates the asymmetrical horror game genre. With Nicolas Cage on top of that? Well, you don’t need to pay the ghost to know what we’re thinking. We know the Dead By Daylight devs want to see Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu in-game as much as you do, but this is Game of the Year content, right here.

Oh, and if you want to know more about the Renfield 2 release date, you can find that out here. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, but don’t get left behind when it comes to information on the next film in Nicolas Cage’s stint as Dracula. It’s worth checking out if you have time to kill, too. But, never on a Tuesday. Or, do read it on a Tuesday if you want – we don’t have a score to settle with you, or anything.