Is Dark and Darker coming to Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S?

You might wonder if Dark and Darker is coming to Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S after hearing about the game, so here’s all you need to know.

Dark And Darker Xbox Release: Multiple players can be seen

Dark and Darker, a hardcore dungeon-crawling game made by Ironmace Games is attracting a lot of attention, especially from players who are constantly looking for new games that test not only their skills but also their capacity to understand and master systems. Considering how well-received the playtests of Dark and Darker on PC have been, some players might want to know if Dark and Darker is coming to Xbox, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S.

In Dark and Darker, players take the role of an adventurer looking for glory and wealth in a classic fantasy setting. But to do so, they must explore dark dungeons and face wicked creatures, players waiting for them right around the corner, and a deadly curse.

Is Dark and Darker coming to Xbox, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S?

As the expectation about Dark and Darker rises, many players might be wondering if the game is going to be part of the Xbox’s library. The good news is that Dark and Darker may come to Xbox, but after the release of the PC version as stated by Ironmace Games in a Tweet.

Although it’s uncertain when this is going to happen, considering the game hasn’t been released yet, we can speculate a console version coming between 2023 and 2024. After all, the PC version is planned to be released by the end of 2023.

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Dark and Darker story

In a world full of enemies to be fought and wealth to be conquered, Dark and Darker invites players to test their abilities and survive in a hostile environment. The setting of the game utilizes elements from fantasy narratives to create a familiar scenario for anyone who has already ventured into worlds full of old catacombs and forgotten dungeons.

From well-known creatures such as trolls protecting doors to skeletons that rise from the ground to attack careless adventurers driven by the gold fever, Dark and Darker is packed with dangers to anyone brave enough to call themselves an adventurer. Figures such as Fighters, Wizards, Rangers, Barbarians, Clerics, and Rogues are the faces that populate the world of Dark and Darker.

As one of them, players start their adventure in a tavern, where the final preparations must be done before diving into a new dungeon. The only goal for a player in Dark and Darker is to find treasures and survive before an enemy spots them or even worse: they are caught by the Death Swarm, a powerful curse that protects the dungeons.

Dark And Darker Xbox Release: A player can be seen wielding a sword

Dark and Darker gameplay

In Dark and Darker, a PvP and PvE hardcore game, players run matches in which they must explore a dungeon and fight monsters, as well as other players while trying to find treasures. This is not an easy game, since dying in Dark and Darker not only means that players need to look for a new match but that they will also lose every loot they got during that run.

Besides that, the combat in the game has a more realistic design, forcing players to consider the physics of a weapon, how long it takes to swing a sword, and whether it’s safe or not to try to attack an enemy before they hit them back. Because of that, fighting enemies is always a tense situation. In addition, in each match, players must race against time. The game uses the safe zone ring mechanic from some of the best battle royale games to force players to move consistently, preventing them to stay safe outside the area which gets smaller as time passes.As players go further into the dungeon, they can eventually find a portal that may lead them to a deeper level, where more treasures and enemies wait for them or a portal that can teleport them out of the dungeon.

While escaping alive is the only way to keep the loot found during the run, which is fundamental to earning money to buy better pieces of equipment and healing items, by continuing to explore players increase the chance of finding more valuable items to sell. The best option depends not only on how good and prepared players are with the class they chose from the ones available but also on how much money might be lost if they die.

Dark And Darker Xbox Release: A shrine can be seen

And that’s all we know about Dark and Darker coming to Xbox, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S. In case you may want to spend your time with another game while you wait for Dark and Darker on consoles, be sure to check our list of the best PS5 games and best Xbox Series X games.