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How to get CS:GO Prime for free

Trying to work out whether you can still get CS:GO Prime for free? Well, you're not alone - let us explain whether this is still possible in 2022

CS:GO Prime free: several of the agents in CS:GO during an operation

How do you get CS:GO Prime for free? That’s the question on the lips of most new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players right now, especially since Prime is the one thing that’ll allow you to dive right into the CS:GO ranks grind and allow you to display a rank in-game.

CS:GO Prime was added as a way of maintaining competitive integrity in online games, while providing casual players with a free way of enjoying one of the best competitive FPS games on the market. However, recent changes to the system – including to one very specific clause – keep catching players out to this day.

So if you’re here trying to work out whether you can get CS:GO Prime for free so you can go on to earn a rank and play competitive matches with your friends, then read on – we have all the answers for you in this handy guide.

Can you get CS:GO Prime for free in 2022?

Unfortunately you cannot unlock CS:GO Prime for free any more. In June 2021, Valve made several changes to the game to protect the wider player base from smurfs. This included removing the free Prime clause, which would allow players to unlock the status by hitting level 21 in the game.

This is no longer available and now the only way to unlock CS:GO Prime is to buy it through the Steam store.

Prime will allow you to matchmake against all other Prime users in all game modes, plus it’ll give you the chance to earn XP, ranks, and weekly drops so it’s well worth the investment if you’re playing the game regularly and you like the look of the best CS:GO skins.