CS:GO patch notes: what’s new in the latest update?

Here are the latest CS:GO patch notes, updates, and changes

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game with many moving parts. As such, the game is in a constant state of flux, with developers Valve needing to push out updates every couple of weeks to keep the game’s weapons and maps balanced.

Valve’s approach to updates are to keep them coming little and often, so you’ll find the CS:GO patch notes aren’t as meaty as some of the other games you play. While it might be disappointing to hear that the latest update isn’t full of brand new content, you’ll usually find the small fixes made here and there keep the game – and its players – in check.

So if you’re looking to grind one of the best competitive FPS games out there and climb the CS:GO ranks, you’re going to want to stay on top of the comings and goings of the game. So, here are the last three CS:GO patch notes for your perusal.

CS:GO patch notes 03/05/2021

This is the biggest update CS:GO has had in a while and it signals the end of Operation Broken Fang. The bulk of the operation’s content has been removed with this update, but it’s worth noting that any stars earned during this time can be spent until May 15.

Premier matchmaking, which was made available to everyone for a limited time in the last CS:GO update, remains open for all.

By far the biggest change, however, comes to the Active Duty map pool. CS:GO mainstay Train is being replaced by Ancient (which has recieved a number of changes), perhaps signalling that Train is the latest map to be reworked by Valve.

Here are all the details:

Operation Broken Fang

The Operation comes to an end and players have until May 15 to spend their stars. A new subscription service known as CS:GO 360 stats is now available, Premier Competitive remains open, and Retakes have been moved into Wargames.

Snakebite Case

A new case, with 17 community-designed finishes and the Broken Fang Case gloves, is available.


Ancient replaces Train in the Active Duty group with a number of changes. A new route from CT to A site has been added, T entrance to left side of mid is widened, the skylight in T tunnel has been opened up, B site has been extended, and ledge on A site has been opened up.

Grind and Mocha have been added to the Scimmage, Casual, and Deathmatch map pools, replacing Apollo, Engage, and Anubis.

Calavera and Pitstop replace Elysion and Guard in the Wingman matchmaking mode.


The chickens that roam a number of maps in CS:GO have received a visual update in this patch. Important, right?

CS:GO patch notes 29/3/2021

Operation Broken Fang

In this small update, Operation Broken Fang Premier, which introduces picks and bans to matchmaking for the first time, has been made available to everyone for a limited time.

Operation Broken Fang Passholders have also had their queue access upgraded to Prime Account Status for Premier matchmaking.


Two miscellaneous items were fixed in this update. The first allows “wlanapi.dll” system library to work on Windows Sever systems and the second adjusts the Zeus texture so that that the name of the taser, Zeus X-27, is legible.

A CS:GO agent ziplines down from a helicopter in Danger Zone

CS:GO Patch notes 18/3/2021

Store changes

This small update brought a handful of changes to the store. The first gifted The Hades Music Kit in CS.GO to anyone who had purchased Hades on Steam. Two new music kits – the Lowlife Pack by Neck Deep and CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT by Scarlxrd – were added.

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The popular Poorly Drawn Sticker Capsule featuring, yep, you guessed it, poorly drawn operators, was also added to the store for the first time.

That’s it for the latest CS:GO patch notes. If you’re looking for the full breakdown, make sure you head over to the CS:GO website.

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