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CS:GO moan bind: how to set up a player radio moan keybind

This is one of the weirder keybinds that CS:GO players have been searching for...

Keybinds are a big talking point in competitive Counter-Strike, with players often researching the binds of their favourite CS:GO pros to see which actions they map to which keys or buttons.

Recently though, a rather strange discovery using CS:GO’s player radio function has seen players looking for a rather different keybind. It’s not one to aid in gameplay, but one that will instead bewilder your teammates and opposition instead. It has come to be known as the CS:GO moan keybind.

Why is it called that? Well, because with the press of a key, you can trigger the ‘moan’ you hear from a CS:GO character’s death cry. Recently, players have managed to create commands for the player radio that can not only result in your character making some questionable noises, but also produce messages that trick people into thinking you’ve been VAC banned. It’s all rather bizarre.

There’s a good chance Valve will look to patch this soon as it could interfere with serious games as players attempt to climb the CS:GO ranks, so if you want to try it, you might want to be quick about it.

Here’s how to set up a moan keybind in CS:GO.

CS:GO moan bind

To make your character moan in CS:GO on demand, you first have to open your in-game command console.

Then you need to decide which key you want to bind the moan to (for the sake of this guide, we’ve chosen the ‘Z’ key), and then input the following command exactly as we have it here:

  • bind Z “playerradio deathcry Moan”

Of course, the Z is in reference to our own keybind, so replace that with whichever key you want to map the command to.

After activating this command, press your desired key and you should see a message appear in the in-game chat saying “RADIO: Moan” and your character will make its death cry noise.

And that’s that, simple right? Remember that if you want to try this yourself, you may want to act fast, as other player radio commands are currently causing some player experience issues, meaning Valve could patch this soon.