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CrossfireX Game Pass - everything to know

Are you ready to go to war? Here's all the details on CrossfireX Game Pass, including what will be available and when

Crossfirex Game Pass: Two US Seals lean forward, aiming down below

With CrossfireX looking like yet another intensely exciting game release in February, some people are likely wondering if CrossfireX will be coming to Game Pass. It’s fairly natural at this point to look at any game coming to an Xbox console of any flavour and begin to wonder if you’ll secretly have access to it when it launches thanks to the uber-value of Game Pass, so it’s not silly to ask the question.

CrossfireX is the console version of the massively popular Crossfire, which was originally released back in 2007, and has been massively popular ever since. It features a familiar site of players being split into teams and then having to fight each other in objective-based modes while they also try and compete with the twitch reflexes and absurd accuracy of the teenagers that tend to rule these kinds of games.

CrossfireX brings all of that multiplayer goodness to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, but it also packages in some single-player ways to play as well. So, the question is whether or not you’ll be able to play CrossfireX thanks to the joys of Game Pass?

Will CrossFireX come to Game Pass?

First things first, CrossfireX is coming to Xbox Game Pass. Or, at least the Operation Catalyst campaign will be. The other campaign’s won’t be and you’ll have to pony up the money, at least for now, as they don’t seem to be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

You might not be instantly drawn to the solo outing here, but it was actually developed by Remedy, the people behind Control, so it’s highly likely that it’s a fairly interesting, and hopefully intriguingly subversive, take on the campaigns of these kinds of games.That kind of campaign is definitely going to be a selling point for a lot of people, pulling them into the service.

The game is also firmly split between the multiplayer and single-player offerings. You’ll be pleased to know that the multiplayer side of the game is going to be free-to-play, which means it won’t need to come to Game Pass to be very easy to access. Given that it’s often the multiplayer modes that live on for the longest, that should be a great relief to those who were looking forward to getting stuck into some new competitive modes and testing their mettle against everyone else.

Now, there’s every chance that the rest of CrossfireX will eventually come to Game Pass, maybe with some multiplayer benefits, but we’ve no way of knowing when that’ll be the case, if ever.

So if you’re hoping to experience the rest of CrossfireX’s single-player via Xbox Game Pass, you better keep your fingers firmly crossed.