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Does Crash Team Rumble have a single-player campaign?

Get all the details on a potential Crash Team Rumble solo campaign mode and whether or not the latest game has a single-player mode on PS5, PS4, and Xbox.

Crash Team Rumble Single Player: A character can be seen

Crash Bandicoot and the gang are back again, this time for some healthy online PvP competition evocative of 2000’s Crash Bash. And, with the game here, you may be left wondering if there’s a Crash Team Rumble solo or Crash Team Rumble single-player campaign. After all, that is how the orange mascot got his start!

At Summer Games Fest 2023, we saw a trailer drop featuring some new game content, including flashy new Crash Team Rumble characters. We also got to see some creative new powers and limited-timed modes, offering fans that didn’t get to check out the Crash Team Rumble April beta a closer look at what they can play right now. But, a single-player mode was absent.

Does Crash Team Rumble have a single-player campaign?

Crash Team Rumble does not offer a solo, single-player campaign the same experience, unlike the original series of Crash Bandicoot platformers, which featured epic globe-trotting campaigns. Crash Team Rumble is, first and foremost, an online team-based multiplayer game for two to eight players.

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Crash Team Rumble is more of a playful spin-off of the classic Crash Bandicoot series rather than a new story altogether for players to uncover, akin to something like Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. While there may be no specific campaign to play through, Toys for Bob has been sure to include a plethora of nostalgic imagery and features like Wumpa Fruit and platformer-friendly maps to explore that will evoke the environments Crash and friends have ducked and dodged their way through in previous installments.

Crash Team Rumble Single Player: A number of characters can be seen here

If you still are keen to jump into the multiplayer, you can grab the game below!

If you’re looking for a Crash Team Rumble solo or a Crash Team Rumble single-player mode, this new release from Activision and Toys for Bob will only feature online play, so it isn’t likely to fit the bill. However, if you’re still interested in checking out what multiplayer mayhem the team has in store, be sure to take a look at our Crash Team Rumble Multiplayer guide. You can also get a debrief on how Crash Team Rumble crossplay works in our guide ont he feature in the game.