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How to get a Crash Team Rumble beta code

Don’t miss out on crushing the competition early in the playtest for this action-packed multiplayer game on consoles by finding out how to get access right now.

Crash Team Rumble beta code: Crash Bandicoot running towards the camera to grab an apple.

Do you want to know how to get a Crash Team Rumble beta code? Well, look no further for all you need to know about beta access to this action-packed 4v4 multiplayer experience in the Crash universe.

In this guide you will find an overview of all the ways to get a Crash Team Rumble beta code so you’re able to join in on the action. While you wait for the Crash Team Rumble release date to arrive or for the beta download, check out all the iconic Crash Team Rumble characters you can play as.

How to get a Crash Team Rumble beta code

To get a Crash Team Rumble beta code you must pre-order either the Standard or Deluxe Edition of the game.

The closed beta will run from April 20 until April 24, 2023 and give players access to a variety of different maps and modes. The beta will give players the opportunity to try out this new spin on Crash for the first time, playing around with the array of iconic characters and exciting abilities as they battle it out in the arena.

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There are five characters available during the beta period: Crash, Coco, Tawna, Neo Cortex, and Dingodile. After you’ve picked a character, you’ll be dropped into one of the three maps available in the beta: Tiki Towers, Calamity Canyon, and Just Beachy. From here, you’ll battle it out against the other team in a variety of unique modes until one side emerges victorious.

And that’s all there is to know about how to get a Crash Team Rumble beta code. While you wait for the fresh take on this seminal series, find out the best PS5 multiplayer games to find your next favourite online game.