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Crash Team Rumble release date, gameplay, more

Crash Bandicoot is back with a new team-based experience and here’s the Crash Team Rumble release date, as well as the latest gameplay.

Crash Team Rumble Release Date: Crash can be seen

When is the Crash Team Rumble release date? We’re all happy to see the one and only mascot marsupial come back for another game, and this time, it’s looking to be something different.

Announced at The Game Awards 2022, Crash Team Rumble isn’t your standard Crash Bandicoot affair, rather it’s a team-based experience for friends, family, and strangers alike to play with and against each other online. Here’s everything you need to know about the new multiplayer adventure filled with a variety of Crash Team Rumble characters.

Crash Team Rumble release date

The release date for Crash Team Rumble is set for Tuesday, June 20, 2023, on PS5, PS4, and Xbox. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been confirmation of a Nintendo Switch or PC release for the latest Crash game.

It’s understandable that a Nintendo Switch release may not happen due to hardware constraints, but not revealing a PC release is unusual. This is speculation, but it could come at a later date for PC players if the game is successful.

We got some new gameplay shown during the recent Summer Game Fest 2023 stream, which you can find below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Crash Team Rumble gameplay

Crash Team Rumble is a team-based 4v4 online multiplayer game, where two teams use Crash and co.’s unique abilities, as well as a bunch of other items, to fight it out in small arenas inspired by the series.

It appears to be a mix of an arena brawler and a MOBA after getting a glimpse at the game in gameplay previews. The goal is to collect 2000 Wumpa Fruit amongst your team and you can boost your collection rate of Wumpa Fruit by completing objectives and goals in a multiplayer match.

YouTube Thumbnail
YouTube Thumbnail

That’s everything we know about the Crash Team Rumble release date, as well as the latest gameplay details. While you wait for Crash’s new spin on the series (mind the pun), why not check out the best PlayStation 5 games or the best Xbox Series X games to pass the time?