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Chivalry 2 crossplay - how to party up on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox

If you're trying to work out how on earth Chivalry 2 crossplay works, you're not alone, so here's how to join friends across multiple platforms.

A knight in red armour lifts his sword above his head while holding a pike with a man's head on it in his other hand

What’s the deal with Chivalry 2 crossplay? Chivalry 2 (or, for our Roman readers, Chivalry II) is finally with us and for those of you on PlayStation, it’s free for a limited time. The medieval hack and slash has scaled up from the last game, with 64-player online battles creating more carnage than ever before.

You can expect more blood and guts, more castles to storm and more movie-esque battlefields to conquer, especially since it’s available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. And it is arguably one of the most exciting games on the best Xbox Game Pass games list, but does it feature crossplay?

Chivalry 2 crossplay explained

Chivalry 2 crossplay allows you to matchmake with others on different platforms, as well as invite friends via friend codes and form a cross-platform party. At launch, Chivalry 2 only allowed crossplay via matchmaking, however, crossplay parties has now been added in a recent update.

In a blog post on the Chivalry 2 website in May 2023, the developer confirmed the “Raiding Party Update”, which allows for players to invite friends via a friend code system. You can add other players to your friends list using their unique code, and party up with them no matter the console you’re playing on. You can check out the trailer for the Raiding Party update below.

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Can you switch off Chivalry 2 crossplay?

You can disable Chivalry 2 crossplay via the options menu, but this might increase your matchmaking times. For now, this doesn’t seem to be a problem, but expect delays as we get further into Chivalry 2’s lifespan.

That’s everything you need to know about Chivalry 2 crossplay. If you’ve been waiting to set up a game night with your friends in hopes of being the best warriors, now is the time to play one of the best co-op games out there. But we do hope that a future update with Chivalry 2 DLC revisits Deadliest Warrior.

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