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Warzone update buffs loads of Vanguard weapons for Season 3

We're only a week into Warzone Season 3, and already the battle royale is getting another big meta shift thanks to today's weapon balancing update

Warzone Season 3 weapon balancing: A split image of a Warzone operator firing their weapon behind some white barrels, and a hooded operator holding a weapon with a helicopter hovering above

Only a week ago, Call of Duty Warzone kicked off Season 3 with a significant, meta-changing overhaul of sniper rifles. Today, Raven Software looks to shake things up further, with a sizeable weapon balancing update that affects 22 assault rifles and SMGs.

Before outlining all of the exact weapon changes, Raven explains why its making so many changes so soon after the start of the new season. “Vanguard Weapons have been struggling to perform on par with their peers since they dropped into the Warzone. This update is laying the groundwork to resolve that. Engagement distances have only increased since the transition to Caldera. More skirmishes are taking place within minimum damage ranges. As a result of this, Weapons that have low maximum damage ranges or low minimum damage have become largely unviable. Unfortunately for Vanguard weapons, this was often the case.”

Generally speaking, this Warzone update gives out damage and damage range buffs to almost all of Vanguard’s SMGs and assault rifles (including ones that are already popular in the Warzone meta, like the MP40 and the Cooper Carbine) and dishes out a couple of nerfs to top-performing Black Ops Cold War weapons like the XM4 and the EM2.

You can see the full details of each change in the Warzone Season 3 patch notes, but some of the biggest buffs have been given to the NZ-41, the new Nikita AVT, the STG44, and the Type 100.

Although most of the buffs are relatively small, in a game of fine margins like Warzone, this could really make all the difference. Once the dust settles on this update, expect our list of the best Warzone guns to look rather different…

Some attachments for these Vanguard assault rifles and SMGs have also had tweaks, so we’ll be sure to update out individual loadout guides with all the latest info and best builds.