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Rebirth Island Reinforced Warzone map update - everything we know

For Call of Duty Warzone players, Rebirth Island is a fantastic alternative to Caldera, but it looks like things are changing with Rebirth Reinforced

Call of Duty Warzone Rebirth Island Reinforced: Rebirth Island Reinforced can be seen

Raven Software is bringing a lot of new content to Call of Duty Warzone Pacific in Season 2. Caldera map changes, new weapons, and new operators all feature on the content roadmap; however, the Rebirth Island Reinforced Warzone map update is sounding like one of the more exciting new additions to Raven’s battle royale.

Warzone players looking for an intense alternative to Caldera’s battle royale modes can find fast-paced action with Rebirth Island. The lobbies are scaled down to match the smaller map, but don’t let that fool you – a game on Rebirth Island can still be tough. You’re always in close proximity to your enemy and the closing circles only force you into more and more dangerous situations as you gun for a victory. Raven Software has often used this map to experiment with new modes – Resurgence playlists are some of the most popular additions.

Despite constant updates to the main battle royale map, Rebirth Island has remained largely unchanged since its introduction to Warzone during Black Ops Cold War Season 1 in December 2020. It’s about time that changes, right? The Rebirth Island Reinforced Warzone map update is going to introduce a new version of Rebirth Island to Warzone in Season 2 and here’s everything we know so far.

Rebirth Island Reinforced Warzone map update

The Rebirth Island Reinforced Warzone map update coming in Season 2’s mid-season update which launches on March 23, 2022.

Announced in a blog post, Rebirth Island Reinforced is an event and a reconstruction of the map with several altered points of interest, including Stronghold and a new one called Dock.

With this revamp, the sun shines brighter on the island and there is better visibility on the map. The Security Area has now been renamed Stronghold and includes two new structures. Dock on the other hand is brand new and extends the Construction Site out to the cargo vessel with both ships being accessible.

On top of those major changes, Prison Yard is now partially reinforced and construction materials can be used as cover. Caldera’s redeploy balloons have also made their way onto Rebirth Island and function in the same way, although they have a shorter ascender cable to match the map.

Call of Duty originally mentioned Rebirth Reinforced in a blog post on Season 2’s content and the Season 2 content roadmap in February. But, now the redesigned map is finally here and the event will run from the start of Season 2 Reloaded. Although, the map changes will remain after it ends.

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