How to get rainbow Dark Matter camos in Warzone and Cold War

Players are flaunting rainbow camos in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

A shot of a weapon in Warzone that has been given a rainbow camo

With some computer wizardry, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone players are managing to create their own rainbow camos to make their gameplay look even more incredible.

For those dedicated enough to unlock the Dark Aether zombies camo, one of the hardest to obtain in Black Ops Cold War, you can use a clever trick using some popular streaming software to transform the purple and black active camo into whatever colour you want. It’s a trippy look, but a rainbow-themed active camo is sure to make you stand out from the crowd (like having Dark Aether wouldn’t anyway…)

If you have got Dark Aether unlocked and ready to go, then all you’ll need is a PC and the OBS Studio streaming and recording software downloaded to it. Sadly, zombies camos like Dark Aether are not available in Warzone yet, but are rumoured to be coming soon. This means this trick is only available in Black Ops Cold War right now.

You could attempt to do the same trick on the DM Ultra camo (which is available in Warzone) but the effect is not as good. It’s worthy keeping this guide some place safe for when zombies camos eventually make it into Warzone.

Here’s how you can create rainbow camos using Dark Aether.

rainbow Dark Matter camo in Warzone and Cold War

To get that rainbow Dark Matter appearance on your gun, you’ll first need to equip the Dark Aether camo . Now we have to use OBS to apply a filter that will change the colours being shown on your screen.

In the Source panel of OBS, make sure your gameplay source is added. Then, right-click on your gameplay source to bring up a menu and select Filters.

In the Filters menu, you want to add a Chroma Key filter. Once you’ve done that, we need to adjust some settings for this Chroma Key filter. You first need to change the Key Colour Type to Custom, and use the colour code #8000ff, which is the shade of purple used in the Dark Aether camo. Then, change the Similarity value to 290. This is probably the fiddliest bit, but you can see exactly where to find everything in OBS in the video below.

The last step is to add your desired colour or colours. If you want just a single colour to replace the purple in Dark Aether, simply right-click in Sources, select Add, and select Colour Source. Pick the colour you want, and you should see it overlay on your gun in your Warzone or Black Ops Cold War gameplay.

If it isn’t appearing, ensure that the Colour Source is below your gameplay in the list of sources, and that the eye icon is turned on for both sources (the eye will have a line through it if it’s turned off).

However, if you want the full rainbow effect, you’ll need to find a freely downloadable video of a moving rainbow pattern. Here’s an example.

Once you’ve downloaded it, head back into OBS, and instead of adding the Colour Source, add a Media Source instead. Then, when it opens up your PC’s files, select the rainbow video.

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Once added as a source, ensure that it is covering your full screen. You can do this in OBS by simply dragging the corner of it when it appears in the preview window at the top.

You also want to make sure once again that this Media Source appears below your gameplay in the Sources list.

The last thing to do is to right-click on your rainbow video Media Source, and tick the box that says Loop. This will mean it will continuously play.

And there you have it, a quick guide on how to make snazzy rainbow camos in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. Plaster that to one of the best Warzone guns, and your 20-bomb will look even more glorious.