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Warzone QA Testers given full-time positions following strikes

Activision has told QA employees across their studios that they will be moved to full-time positions from July, moving from temporary and contingent places

Warzone QA Developers Full Time Positions: Soliders can be seen holding a variety of weapons

After months of worker action, QA developer strikes and union forming, and growing frustration directed towards the company, Activision has announced it is giving QA testers across their studios full-time positions.

Announced on Thursday, the move will see all “US-Based temporary and contingent QA team members” at Activision Publishing and Blizzard moved to “permanent full-time” positions starting from July 1, 2022. The hourly pay rate will also rise to $20 an hour from April 17, 2022.

This works out to around 1,100 people in total that will become full-time Activision employees, getting extra benefits and access to the company’s bonus plan (which they were previously shut out from). This change includes Warzone QA Testers, who have been vocal and active at highlighting the problems surrounding Activision’s handling of employees, including frequent redundancies and poor treatment of employees. The 1,100 staff does not include every QA tester at Activision as according to Jason Schreier a number were already full-time employees elsewhere in the company.

This is a positive move forward for the company and hopefully its employees as Activision battles multiple lawsuits over unhealthy and toxic work environments. It does call into question how effectively Raven’s staff will be able to organise a union and push forward with their efforts following these changes.

These steps will ideally also allow Activision to stop haemorrhaging talent and be in a more stable situation by mid-2023, which is when Microsoft’s acquisition of the company is set to close.