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Warzone perks – Combat Scout and Tempered in Black Ops Cold War

Here is what the two new Warzone perks in Season 5 of the Black Ops Cold War era added to your loadouts.

A Warzone operator healing up by placing an armor plate into his armor vest

 You can no longer get these perks in Warzone because this version of the game was shut down. However, this guide will be updated and will come in handy if they return.

In Black Ops Cold War Season 5, Call of Duty: Warzone got new perks for the first time since the had game launched – Combat Scout and Tempered.

Warzone fans had become familiar with the 18-strong lineup of perks that were brought over from the Modern Warfare main series game at the time. However, with only a minority of them ever seeing regular usage, these two new additions added at least some spice to the best Warzone loadouts.

Unfortunately, with Black Ops Cold War no longer being integrated with Warzone, these perks are not available in the battle royale mode anymore. With that said, you never know when perks and items like this could reappear in future updates, so it’s still worth learning about these bygone perks.

Warzone perks Season 5

The two new Warzone perks were added to the battle royale at the start of Season 5 on Friday, August 13, 2021. Tempered was a brand-new perk in the Perk 2 slot, and Combat Scout was in the Perk 3 slot.

Combat Scout

Combat Scout acted as a new recon perk in Warzone that allowed the user to better keep track of enemy players.

Players using Combat Scout made it so damaging an enemy briefly highlighted the foe in bright orange and automatically pinged them, giving you some great intel on the move. No more smashing your ping button to pieces. While it required a shot to activate, it was useful if you were up against a player who knew all the cheeky movement tech that made them hard to keep track of. It’s worth noting that the orange highlight was only visible to the user, however, and not the rest of the team.

Combat Scout was added to the yellow Perk 3 slot, where similar recon perks like Tracker resided.

Warzone perks Black Ops Cold War Season 5: A battle rages. One Operator peeks out from the back of a truck. Two enemies take aim at her. Several operators are also parachuting in from above.


Tempered was definitely the more interesting of the two new Warzone perks, as it essentially changed the value of armour plates.

Instead of offering the standard 50 HP, players running Tempered had their plates worth 75 instead. This meant they only needed to use two plates to be fully-plated with 150 HP.

While using Tempered didn’t make you any stronger in terms of the damage you took, it did make healing much faster. It also meant that you wouldn’t burn through your supply of plates as quickly, with only two being needed to fully heal up at a time.

The only drawback to Tempered was that it lived in the Perk 2 slot, which is where two of the most important perks in Warzone also lived: Ghost and Overkill. Whether the benefits of Tempered were enough to outweigh those of Ghost or Overkill was largely up to personal preference, though we generally went with the latter two options.

That’s all you need to know Warzone’s Combat Scout and Tempered perks added in Black Ops Cold War Season 5. While they didn’t redefine the Warzone meta, the added variety was hard to say not to.