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Another Call of Duty Warzone health increase seems inevitable

A Call of Duty Warzone health increase to 150 HP in standard battle royale mode seems inevitable after Raven Software posted a poll asking for players' thoughts

Warzone health increase: A split image of two Warzone operators. One is running down the streets of Capital with a jeep driving behind her. The other shoots down at enemies from a rooftop

Call of Duty Warzone players are voting in favour of a base health increase for standard battle royale modes after Warzone developer Raven Software posted a community poll to Twitter. While the poll obviously won’t reach every single Warzone player out there, it shows that there is a consensus to increase base health to 150, as it currently is in Vanguard Royale.

While the poll still has a few hours remaining, at the time of writing, as things stand roughly 72% of voters want to see base health in regular BR modes upped to 150. Those playing in Vanguard Royale have reported only positive things about having 150 base health, largely down to the longer time to kill, which gives you more of a chance to react to enemies rather than being deleted in the blink of an eye by one of the best Warzone guns.

While TTKs and bullets to kill will only be slightly affected by a health increase, it’s clear that this is something the community wants. Fans and content creators have also been enthusiastic about Raven’s approach with this topic by proposing it to the community and letting them vote on it before implementing it. Many want Raven to continue to do this when it comes to major gameplay changes in the future.

With Warzone Season 2’s mid-season update approaching, we could well see this base health increase implemented then – that is unless Raven decides to go against the will of the people. Who thought we’d be talking about Warzone and democracy in the same article, eh?

While this is clearly what players want, there’s no denying that this change could shakeup the Warzone meta. A health increase might mean a couple more bullets to down an enemy, but in a game with margins as tight as Warzone, it could make all the difference.