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Is your Warzone friends list not working? Here’s how to fix the bug

Here's what to do if your Warzone friends list isn't working, or if your friends are showing as offline.

Players dropping in to the new Verdansk 84 map

Call of Duty: Warzone players often have it rough with bugs, but this one really takes the biscuit. Have you found yourself ready to jump into a match only to find your Warzone friends list is not working? All your friends are showing as offline or are otherwise not joinable?

It’s an incredibly frustrating experience, though one that’s thankfully a lot less common today than it was when Warzone originally launched. Nowadays, it’s typically only an issue when a new bug pops up, especially around large updates to the battle royale game.

The first step is always making sure that your game is fully updated and restarting Warzone afterwards if that’s not the case. However, if that doesn’t work, there are a couple of fixes and workarounds that we recommend trying if you find your Warzone friends list is not working.

For Xbox and PlayStation players, your best option is to invite players through the console’s own friends list menu – that’s not the Warzone in-game menu. On Xbox, click the main ‘Xbox’ button, then select ‘People,’ and ‘Friends.’ This friends list should work no matter what state the Warzone servers are in, so you can simply click ‘A’ on your lucky pal, before inviting them to your game.

On PlayStation 5, press the ‘PS’ logo button to open the console’s control centre. Select ‘Game Base,’ and then choose an online friend to invite to your game. You can also head to a player’s profile to invite them to a game.

On PC it’s a different story, and you’ll need a third-party app such as Discord to invite your friends to your Warzone games. If your friend is in-game, right-click on their profile on Discord, and choose the option to join their game.

Unfortunately, none of these options gives you the chance to utilise Warzone’s cross-play, for which you’ll need to access your Activision friends list in-game. Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering these steps for instances when Warzone’s friends list is not working, so you can jump in with friends using the same system at the very least.

Just make sure that you’re ready to go once you’re reunited with your squad – you don’t want to be dropping into the arena without the best Warzone guns, do you?