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Warzone 2 STB 556 loadout best attachments and class setup

Hunting for a fantastic Warzone 2 STB 556 loadout? Well, we have everything you need to know about the best weapon build and class for this assault rifle

Warzone 2 STB 556 loadout: An STB 556 in a green and black camo, set against a blurred image of the Warzone 2 map

If there’s one thing you can do to make sure you’re going to find success in a battle royale like Warzone 2, it’s sort out your primary weapon – and make sure it’s something solid like the STB 556. This fully-automatic AR is a well-balanced option that should help you find yourself extracting out of Al Mazrah with a win. If you want to know what the best Warzone 2 STB 556 loadout is, keep reading and we’ll explain everything.

The STB 556 isn’t just one of the best Warzone 2 assault rifles, but it might just be one of the best Warzone 2 guns – with the right attachments, of course. We know it’s a little early to talk about the Warzone 2 meta, but we could see this featuring prominently – once people get their hands on it.

Best Warzone 2 STB 556 loadout

Alright, let’s get stuck into the Warzone 2 gunsmith and work out what the best Warzone 2 STB 556 loadout is. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Muzzle: Echoless-80
  • Underbarrel: Phase-3 Grip
  • Rear Grip: Stip-40 Grip
  • Stock: Bruen MX9 Stock

This STB 556 boosts the gun’s damage, range, accuracy, mobility, and handling. That’s a lot, we know – but it’s so worth it.

In the first slot, we’ve got the Echoless-80, which keeps you off the minimap while increasing bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness. The Phase-3 foregrip helps keep your aim stable when idle, and the laser helps with ADS speed, sprint to fire speed, and, of course, helps you keep aim for a central mass.

In the last two slots, we’ve got the Bruen MX9 Stock and the Bruen Q900 Grip, which prioritise ADS speed. Both of these attachments boost  sprint to fire speed, crouch movement speed, and ADS speed, which just means you can get your gun up quicker in tight situations.

Well, there it is – the best STB 556 weapon build for the new Call of Duty battle royale game. When you equip this, you’re going to be well on your way to having one of the best Warzone 2 loadouts available – but, there’s more to it than just this assault rifle.

Best Warzone 2 STB 556 class setup

When it comes to picking a secondary weapon for this STB 556 loadout, you can go one of two ways. You can opt for a long-range option like the best Warzone 2 MCPR-300 loadout or the best Warzone 2 SP-R 208 loadout. However, you can also opt for something a little faster like the best Warzone 2 Fennec 45 loadout or the best Warzone 2 Lachmann Sub loadout. Your choice should depend on your playstyle, but you don’t need to worry about being caught out. The STB 556 is balanced enough to be able to handle mid-range firefights and any enemies that get up-close-and-personal.

When it comes to perk packages, you’re going to want to look at using Weapon Specialist so you can run overkill, otherwise Specter would be our pick.

That’s all there is to it really. If you’re looking to build on this and improve your chances even more, why not check out the best Warzone 2 settings and the best Warzone 2 FOV. You never know how important these could be to giving you a better shot at victory.