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Warzone 2 money glitch lets you pocket $1.3 million

A Warzone 2 money glitch has been discovered that lets you literally become a millionaire in DMZ and seemingly in core battle royale modes too

Warzone 2 money glitch: An operator in black military gear leans out the window of an armoured truck with an assault rifle

A Warzone 2 money glitch has been discovered by the battle royale’s player base, and it lets you literally become a millionaire.

In Warzone 2 and DMZ, cash is a precious commodity, allowing you to buy some of your customised best Warzone 2 guns, killstreaks, armour plates, and much more. If you want a big bank balance during a game, you need to clear out Strongholds, complete contracts, or get lucky and eliminate a player carrying a lot of dough. However, thanks to this new Warzone 2 money glitch, you needn’t worry.

The exploit involves you finding or dropping a stack of cash on the ground right next to a floor loot weapon. Then, all you have to do is position yourself and your crosshair so that the floor loot weapon is illuminated on the floor (showing that this is the item you’re going to pick up), but the on screen indicator is still showing for the cash pile. Once you’re perfectly lined up, try to stow the weapon in your backpack (it must be stowed and not picked up into your main loadout) and you will receive a lump sum of around $1.3 million in cash.

This glitch was widely circulated by ‘JGOD’, but seems to have been initially discovered by ‘B Man’ on YouTube, who appears to have the earliest tutorial for the exploit. You can watch it below.

YouTube Thumbnail

As well as awarding an obscene amount of cash, this glitch initially also initially awarded a shed load of weapon XP as well, meaning you could easily max level a weapon or two in a single game of Warzone 2 or DMZ.

Infinity Ward has quickly caught the scent of this exploit, and has pushed out a patch that heavily nerfed weapon XP from picking up cash. However, the glitch itself still remains, so you can keep maxing out your in-game bank account a little while longer.

Expect this Warzone 2 money glitch to be fixed early next week (week starting November 28) when Infinity Ward developers return, as this is a truly game-altering exploit that is also pretty easy to perform.

Despite the destructive evil a player could perform with an unlimited wad of cash, there are some clips online already of Robin Hood players doing the glitch and dropping huge piles of cash for enemy players over proximity chat. So wholesome.

So, as well as picking up your best Warzone 2 loadout you can also become a millionaire in Al Mazrah right now. Enjoy the good times, before this gets patched.