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Warzone 2 might get a Rainbow Six Siege-style interrogation feature

A new Warzone 2 leak claims that the game will have an interrogation feature, similar to that in Rainbow Six Siege, as well as pro perks and new armour system

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Warzone 2 leaks are coming thick and fast at the minute, and the latest gives battle royale fans a taste of awesome of the new mechanics and features that are in development for the highly-anticipated sequel.

A new report from Tom Henderson over on eXputer corroborates information shared by YouTuber NerosCinema earlier this week, and also adds some extra insights around five features that should be coming to Warzone 2.

Arguably the most intriguing feature is an interrogation mechanic, which would let you interact with a downed enemy for a certain period of time in order to reveal their teammates locations on the map. Presuming that interrogation would not be a separate action than the regular finishing moves we see in Warzone right now, this would give an actual benefit to performing finishers – aside from simply humiliating your opponent, of course. Henderson likens this to a similar feature in Rainbow Six Siege, where operator Caveira can locate enemies by interrogating a downed opponent for a short period as part of her kit.

Having an additional benefit to performing finishing moves would also put Warzone 2 in line with rival battle royale Apex Legends, which grants you a full restore of your Evo Shield for performing a finisher move.

Henderson also says that armour will take on a new form in Warzone 2, borrowing from the armour systems in the current Warzone and from previous battle royale experience, Black Ops 4’s Blackout. Instead of having a maximum of three armour plate slots, in Warzone 2 you will find varying rarities of armoured vests. The rare the vest, the more plate slots you have. As you take damage, these of course break and need replacing (as is currently the case in Warzone), but the vest you found will stay with you.

Other new features include an Escape From Tarkov-style inventory system, whereby different items will take up different amounts of space in a backpack, rather than having hard max limits on each individual item type you can carry in Warzone like ammo, grenades, or plates.

Henderson also mentions Strongholds again, which will apparently be AI-guarded locations dotted around the Warzone 2 map, and supports NerosCinema’s claims that Pro Perks are going to be heading to the game. These souped-up perks will apparently be one of the rewards you get for conquering a Stronghold, but Henderson is unsure whether you’ll be able to use them in your own loadout drop.

All of this comes after leakers suggested that Warzone 2’s map will be littered with POIs based off of classic maps from the Modern Warfare series of games.

The Warzone 2 release date may be some way off, but already it appears info is seeping out of developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision.